<MWA> Lucky You (Ngadm)

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So, this is my Ngadm audition. It's a quite odd song, but I hope the judges will appreciate it...

Worked all day on it and will polish it a bit as fast as possible, because I'm going on a holiday for a week in a few days and I'll obviously will not be able to work on music.

"VST"'s used:

Reason Piano's
Reason Drum Kits

If you're wondering how to count on this song, the time signature is 7/8 so you have to count like: 1,2/1,2/1,2,3 1,2/1,2/1,2,3 etc. (with an accent on the 1's and the length of each number as an 8th note) (lol like you understand now...)

I hope you like the change to the more electronic part... (and tell me which part you like more, if you want)

[Edit] Mastered it, added a few things... This will probably be the final version... [/Edit]

[EDIT2] I was just thinking... If you've listened to the previous version, the browser might've saved that one and when you are going to listen to the new version you'll still hear the previous version... So to counter this problem, just press the download button and then listen to the downloaded file, or delete your cookies, then it should be fine...

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Again a very good song of yours...

Hey Mathijs, nice song again of yours. In this 1 year i have been listening to your songs. I could feel you were improvising quick & good. I love this. Were do you get your inspiration from? This is not odd at all! Hopefully i will hear alot more song of yours. You really inspired me in such an short amount of time.
As final: You did good work with the cello and electronic parts. Actually there is nothing to make this better from! And again, this gets a special spot in my favorite songs of yours.


mjattie responds:

Glad you like it :) I get my inspiration from all sort of things, like emotions, things I heard, music I listen to etc. This is the kind of music where I mostly refer to emotions though rather than things I heard or music I listen to, because I don't listen to this kind of music often. xd

thanks a lot!

Holy cow!

First of all: I'm here for 1 1/2 months, listened to quite some songs, but I'll open up my favourites section with this one only now!

I love 7 or 5 time signatures, only a few people know how to make it work. I think you even made it work for people who don't have too much experience in music. It's exciting, but not odd at all, it just flows from the beginning.

The song with piano and cello was great as it was, but you put in those short electronic sections like a pro cook using just the right amount of spices, they leave me craving for more!

The harmonies are extremely well put together. The choice for going major in the third chord is just the kind of surprise I love! The solo cello is playing very softly, adding a lot of atmosphere, making things more interesting, but keeping the piano in foreground. I really learned something here: Having a solo instrument doesn't necessarily mean, it takes the biggest cake... THANKS!!!

Final verdict: This is the most unique and best song I've heard here so far.

mjattie responds:

I'm glad to hear that you've opened your favourites section for this song :)

It's funny how you compare me as a composer to a cook xd never heard that before!

It's nice that I helped you with the foreground and background and solo thingy!

thanks a lot!

Jealous soul

I can feel it in your song.

As influenced by the title "lucky you."

I personally love odd beats, they make a song so much more interesting, and I hate when what I listen to sounds the same as everything else I listen to.

mjattie responds:

I guess you're right, I can be jealous, quite often,

and I'm glad you like the odd beat!

thanks! (and sorry for the late reply, I've been on holidays in florence)

That signature...

Signatures like 7/8 and 5/4, they always annoy the shit out of me. Must be because I mainly create House/Dance and only work with 4/4 beats. Still, this song is great to listen to. The piano lead was awesome and the violin fitted in perfectly. The electronic part was a bit awkward, but it didn't kill the entire song, luckily.
Speaking of that electronic part, I think it could use some more bass. And with bass I mean a real bass synth, like a sinus. Now it feels a bit empty, even though you have that sawtooth-thingy playing together with the kick.
Also, the synth coming in at 2:13 is amazing. It's clearly a synth that isn't related to classical music at all, and yet it sounds amazing in combination with the piano.

Nothing to say about this amazing song, other than that the electronic part could use some more bass.

5/5, 9/10

- LiquidOoze

mjattie responds:

hmm, I like it when a song is a bit random and has a strange time signature, but yea, that's really a matter of personal taste.

about the bass, I had a wobble going at some times, but it completely dissapeared in the mix, must have muted it accidentally or something... :P

btw it's not a violin but a cello ;)

thanks for the review! Good luck in the contest!

Wow Bro

I'm glad I'm not up against you!

Great job on the piano, and the electronic parts very different and quirky enough to keep me interested!

mjattie responds:

woah :P checked some of your stuff, gonna review that some time, maybe we'll get teamed up together, looking forward to that! :P

thanks a lot for the review :)

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Aug 2, 2011
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