S.S. Anne [Dubstep]

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Remember the S.S. Anne? Rembmer the weird old people in thier cabins, waiting to battle you or give you free things? Ah the wonder smell of ocean breeze. I guess the dubsteppy-ness can be likened to the captain's throwing up?


Interesting take on a classic tune

I always loved the Pokemon franchise. That said, it's always a bit weird to hear a classic track taken in a completely different direction. I like how you started it off with the classic chiptune and then turned it into a kind of techno thing. (not good at reviewing dubstep :P)

The reversed instrument near the beginning throws me off. It's quite distracting from the main melody. I'm thinking you could probably make it quieter , or just take it out entirely. Other than that, I enjoyed it.

-M3 of the Review Request Club

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Ah, I remember that...

First impression: The interesting intro was quite good. I thoroughly enjoyed it. But at 0:07, the backwards synth clashed horribly. It would work much better for something horror-like, I think. The drums and percussion effects didn't really work that well either.

Second impression: When the drop came in, I thought "Oh, is this going to be good?" There was a quick bit of going back to the initial synth. After that it went REALLY wacky. I don't think this quite works with the tune, personally. But as far as the actual dubstep bit goes, there needs to be a bit more continuity. I hear the weird backwards synth in the background, still lending the odd feeling. The wobbles though, aren't overly good or very consistent. I guess it could be likened to the captain throwing up. That and/or the ship having engine trouble and being about to sink. Oh yeah. And... no ending!

Overall impression: Needs several things.
1) Better wobbles.
2) More length and an actual ending.
3) More consistency.
4) A bit more format, like, even having the sound in the beginning coming back without the wobbles to end it would be a step in the right direction.
5) I know this is a remix, but try to format the tune a bit better to not just be the same tune with different sounds.

Hope this is helpful to you!

-Review Request Club-

Cool I guess

Personally not something I find completely good though since it is pretty hard to turn a real soft piece like the SS Anne theme into a dubstep beat because it just does not feel entirely right. When the dub sounds kick in it kind of starts to sound like some kind of underwater or surf theme you would hear while venturing the oceans in the Pokemon games.

The synth sounds nice when you add in the reverse sounds. Like how it remains soft for the most part though. The dub sounds are alright here since it is not a heavily used sound here. The drums are pretty cool since they have reverse sound effects used here as well.

Very nicely done loop though.

Overall, SS Anne just doesn't seem to be something that does well as a Dubstep sadly.

Review Request Club

Not my thing

I loved how this piece started, with the 8-bit / harpsichord, which made it sound as it we were listening to something medieval, as if there should be a view of the Mary Rose in the background, out to sea off Portsmouth. Then you added the bass beat, which wasn't too bad, but it got progressively worse, as you came back with the harpsichord (nice), then overlaid some sort of "filler", which just seemed to go against the grain.

I'd have stayed with the first interpretation, but it seems like you've used too many things in the second one, which does take away from the finished product. Try subtracting a line or two from the collective in the second movement and you'll end up with something that sounds better.

Then we come to the second part - the length. You can't really set a scene with a piece that's too short, so I'd go about doubling the length of that and maybe there will be chances to add more to it and you can get a more presentable piece, that someone could use for their flash piece in the future?

[Review Request Club]

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It's not the worst rendition I've heard of this theme, but it isn't exactly the best either.

For one, you've marked it as dubstep, but it lacks a lot of the dubstep elements I'd be looking for. It sounds more like some sort of industrialized , glitched dubstep than just plain dubstep. The melody has been done well, in my opinion, it has that feel of the original track towards the beginning, which turns into the more electronic version with piano and some synths that sound really good, also like the addition of the rhythmics here.

When the 'drop' comes, is where it becomes a bit messed up for me. At first it's not that bad, I like the bass synths, the wobble is pretty cool, but it quickly becomes a bit of a mess, with just too much going on at once, multiple synths/instruments playing the melody.

Not a bad attempt, but try layering it down a bit. An idea could also be to create a properly looped version of it.

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