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[dj-Jo] Distress, Oppress

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Author Comments

Just discovered I didn't make the NGADM

Anyway bout the song
Experimented with with some more IDM Beats
At the time i was listening to The Flashbulb
so yeah :)

E N J O Y the song anyway!


Great action piece

Really awesome chord work in the beginning. The long, drawn-out note at the end of the intro kind of sets you up to be a bit surprised when the drums come in, so maybe you could shorten that. This sounds like it would work really good for some kind of stealth operation, like ninjas or high-tech infiltration. Really gives a great, dark action feel.

The only thing I have to comment on is the strangeness of the panned drums. It's a little distracting and kind of takes away from the great chords you have going. This weird feeling might've been what you were shooting for, so I won't dock you for that.

Great job, and keep up the good work!

-M3 of the Review Request Club

Alright, let's hear this!

Yay! First audio submission that I'm reviewing this week! Fun fun.

First impression: Very beautifully sad strings. I like how it develops and opens up the piece. It made me think almost like an apocalypse. However, it didn't transition well at 0:45, as I think you've heard. The drums come in suddenly and kind of randomly. I think it may have been better if you low passed the drum pattern and brought it in slowly, maybe hinting at it in the beginning with occasional sounds of it.

Second impression: Awesome drum beats, make me think about what can be done with drums. They're a bit random though, and don't seem to have a unifying factor other than the very fast press rolls. I like the "doot doot doot doot doot doot" e-piano sound in the background. It sounds good. It does drop out suddenly at 1:29, that doesn't seem very good. I want to know what effects you used there though, I like them very much.

Third impression: Very interesting synths. It doesn't really fit together well though, seems kind of random, though obviously not. I like the piano that I hear (I think I hear one in there...) doing some bass. It does occur to me that this really doesn't have much form and just... goes. Please make an ending/outro that relates to the beginning in some way, at least. As it is, it just kind of ends. Oh yeah. I also noticed pauses in the wind/white noise sound coming from the drums. Not sure if that was intended or not. It doesn't change my score though, just thought I'd alert you to it in case you didn't want it/in case it may lower somebody else's score and you want to change it.

Overall impression: Good good. Needs more formatting, a bit of fixing up of transitions, but overall, a solid piece. The composition definitely needs more work though, I apologize for not bringing this up initially. I suggest having some kind of lead, unless you want this to be more ambient. I'd also vary the instruments a bit more, or change the chording/main sound of it. It seems very repetitive and "pop-ish" right now. If you formatted it a bit more, made some theme and variation, or some simple ABA (The different sections having different tunes, second A section having a different lead or in a different key or something like that), then it would be MUCH better and more compositionally pleasing.

Good luck, hope this is helpful!

-Review Request Club-

Not bad

A really well executed track, my only issue being that I'm not too sure exactly what this track should bring out, what it is all about.

Towards the intro, for instance, and the first part of the song, it feels more like something out of a disaster movie. Somewhat sad music played during the aftermath of a huge disaster. It's got that eerie high pitched string melody in the back, before it suddenly shifts at about 0.47. From here on out the track is very different, and it could rather be from a fight/chase scene.

Anyway, your synths are good, but I'm not too sure about your rhythmics, it seems just a bit too random at times, though it does help bring th etrack forward. Like I said, the track just feels a bit random, though it is possible to find some sort of lead that goes through the entire track, the entire nature of it is so different from beginning to end, in my opinion.

Review Request Club

Fight the power!

Seems to me like there's a crowd of people being ordered off the streets for a curfew and because they aren't going quick enough, some job's worth has decided to either open fire, or get pushy, so all hell has broken loose. This is the aftermath, where the survivors creep back out onto the streets after the police have left, to help the survivors away, for the hope that they might live.

This sort of thing is done for a reason and it's only when it's too late, when we see why it was done, but something didn't work, just like with the riots in Tottenham, North London over the weekend.

You've got a good mix here, though for my metaphor, I'd have liked to see the tune about a minute longer, to incorporate more to the piece and the "violent" tones that you used within, just to make it sound a little more aggressive and hate filled, so that the oppression is really hard hitting.

[Review Request Club]

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Sounds soft

Well I liked the start anyways. It was just soft orchestra instruments playing and making you feel as if a battle was over, we wait for the smoke to clear to see who is left. The music goes the full way and as the smoke clears both of them cloaked ninja swordsmen are left standing with gashing wounds everywhere. they rush at each other awaiting to see who will fall first.

The synth has a really strange and spaced out feeling with it. Kind of gives a feeling as if the battle was dark yet dramatic as well causing the two to keep going at each other for a long time too. The drums give a great feel as if they were going really fast at each other too. The bass offers a piece of mind here as well.

Overall, sounds like a cool battle beat anyways.

Review Request Club

dj-Jo responds:

Thanks for reviewing my stuff :D

It's always nice to hear a visual of my songs!

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Aug 1, 2011
11:58 PM EDT
File Info
4.4 MB
2 min 46 sec
4.35 / 5.00

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