B7 - Twyrlwhinde Fax Mach

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Here's another song I wrote for CaptainHicks' "Ice Aliens" flash game.

This one relies heavily on the "Techno" preset on my music-making device. Oh, you didn't know? I started writing music on a different program. It's really easy, I just say the name of the genre, and it pumps out a generic, boring 2 minute song for me. It's really nice.

I'm kidding... But seriously, I wish I had done a lot better on this one. It's nice for what it's intended for, but I wish I had gone deeper into the melodic structure and flushed out every last bit of musical wonderment that I could from this piece.

But I have a day job goddammit, and sometimes you just have to settle for less.

Check me on Facebook! I almost have enough fans that I actually count as a fanpage!


DUDE!!!!!!....i dreamed of this song before i've heard of you....weeeiirrd...wait...that means i had a vision....no really i dreamed of fighting a boss i made up its bigger than the last boss of the collosus game or what ever it was...i was in a space fighter and shooting him but then i got shot down then i crashed into him...then i went into a rage to destroy him and won....OH and thanks for the EPIC dreams man i listen to your music when i sleep....DIE ZOMBIES....i woke up saying that once....you have nice music....oh by the way IF i can get my youtube working right instead of doing nothing can i put this in like one of those kinds of vids were it has multiple songs...

Couldn't you have...

Just copy and remake/remaster a more better version towards your taste and style or what ever you really had in mind when you have the time for it? Love it as it is and a bit curious to see what you had originally intended for it.


well i dunno bout dem big uglies but i liked it the big uglies are taking the stop signs again, we must unite to get them!


I agree with Axelstation! Another great song and I would gladly pay for your songs just to show support ^^ So until people recognize your great abilities carry on man :)

Burn7 responds:

And then what? Do I just stop trying after people recognize that I can actually write music?

Haha don't worry I'm j/k. I shall, forever and beyond forever into the never and whatever.

Very nice as well

A solid piece for what it is and I ain't going to drag it out because the only thing I can say for it is that it feels a little flat at parts. I mean some of the flat parts are ok but some could of done with a bit more power behind them.

However in all else, good work and keep it up!

Burn7 responds:

Yeah, I know what you mean. There are sections in this song that have little going on, and it's because I had to try and drag the loop out a little longer than I had intended on doing and needed to keep variety so the listener didn't get tired of the main melody.

Think about it: If somebody plays the levels with this song for 5 minutes, they're going to hear the same 30 second melody 10 times in a row. It'll stick in their head, and they'll either like it or HATE it. Because this is an intricate melody that's not exactly easy to follow the first time around, people will most likely hate it and not want to hear it as much. So by using it sparingly I can get away with it looping a few more times.

It's one of the billions of things I have to consider when writing songs that are written for specific purposes like this. This is only like the 5th song I've ever written that was asked to be made directly by someone, so I don't have a lot of practice in doing so.

I'm surprised it even works this well at all honestly.

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Aug 1, 2011
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