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Game Related The Band: Bonus Track: Navi's Sacrifice (Vocal Demo)
Lyrics: Brandon Jackson
Music: Brandon Jackson
Vocals; Emma Atherton and Brandon Jackson

This is the lead in to the second EP which will start with Mario's Resurrection. I'm currently looking for a Mario and a Princess Toadstool.

Lyrics Start

Why isn't it working?
This usually helps.
It shouldn't make a difference
if your man or elf

You've got to come back you're the only one
who stands
between the light and the dark
that Ganon brings to the land

I've got a funny feeling like there's
something wrong
Like something worse will happen
if he's left too long
to his evil devices
no matter what sacrificed
I've got to find a way to
bring you back to life


I'm pleading to Triforce
I'm praying to the Sages
I'm pulling from the energies
of Knights throughout the ages

Lend me your aid
or every world is lost
Help me ressurrect a hero
I don't care what it costs

prevent a holocaust
save more than worlds at once
piece back the Master Sword
to what it once was

Why don't you answer back
I know you hear me speak
call out the cal'vry
to protect the weak

to pick up the meak

(what would you give in return)

I'd give myself and more
to see that Ganondorf burns!

(I hope you assume the risk)

Don't need to listen to this
I've seen him through this far
and I'm one pissed lil pix

(Then kiss his brow once more and prepare
to take flight)

Go get him for me Link
this is where we say goodbye
You are the hero of time
but the heart you have is mine
I'll disappear into the ether
soon as you open your eyes

I'm Ganon!
I'll rape ya bitch
Got a triforce of power
reinforcing my fist

Where'd this power come from
I wasn't ready for this
the pigs got something else
every hit is breaking my wrist

I'm Ganon
You're about to pass
Gonna end this game now
your time for playing has passed

I'm stiff as a board
he's fix on my sword
I think it's gonna shatter
of sweet merciful lord!

Who? What? Where?
You'll never beleive
had a dream I died
and Ganon's wish was achieved
Wait, Navi, NO!

There's no time you must go.
Ganon's in the next world where
Bowser's taken control.

You can't leave me alone!

I'll always be with you.

I can't believe I let this happen

you know that's not true.
This isn't your fault
you're still my heart

Why can't I go back to do this right
from start.

I'll kill that son of a bitch
I'll lay his ass ass to waste
I'll get him for you Navi
before I puncture his face

He'll never see me coming
I'm the storm ore the ridge
I'm pissed I'm wearing red
Triforce of Courage in my fist
and he'll wish
he never harmed
a single hair on your cranium
I've been provoked like it's some joke
and all this shit isn't drainable
I'm breakin' out of the castle
and burning through the dimensions
hunting swine, getting stronger
like it's a Saiyan convention
and I'm the HBIC
You're gonna find the beef
you're gonna burn for this
you're gonna die so help me
I'm gonna tear through the wall
I'm coming for your balls
I'm back from the dead
and it's a free-for-all

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Damn, just Damn


I definitely had an all out nerdgasm listening to this song, very awesome lyrics, and for the most part, it flows really really nice.

And judging by the "RoughVocals" tag in title, I'm pretty sure you're already aware of what my biggest complaint is... the rough vocals, it's disgustingly obvious that it's layered (I have nothing against layering, I do it myself), lyrics, in relation to the other layer, are off time to the point that it makes it near impossible to understand without reading along.
But I'm sure you'll fix that eventually, as this is obviously a rough draft.

Regardless, this song stuck out to me, so I've featured it as my weekly pick for Audio. Gratz!

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Aug 1, 2011
5:01 PM EDT
Hip Hop - Modern
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