Pipe-Mare (Rough Vocal Demo)

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The Vocal Demo for Pipe-Mare highlighting one of video gaming's most notorious villains, King Bowser Koopa. I liked him best portrayed by Dennis Hopper... and I waited a decade and a half for a sequel to the movie and what does he do? UP AND DIE!!! *Sighs* Enjoy the track...

Children voiced by: Emma Atherton

Pipe-Mare (I'm Gonna Get Through)
Written by: Brandon Jackson
Game Related: Track 4
Intro: Duh duh duh, duh duh duh... duh.
You're not gonna get through
ain't a way to stop me
I'm brutal
I'm a dragon
and you're just a poodle
Come on,let's dance a little
Let's light the stage up
and fog up this instrumental
yer not gonna get through
best believe me
you've got a problem
I've got an army
and you'll never stop em
Got bullet bills for days
Got a ship in the sky
and magma maze
Ha, yeah it's funny
go on and snicker and shit
give me a har-dee-har-har
and make me flip this switch
I'll transform your kings with my magic staff
And when I find the princess I'm gonna break her half
you might think I have it comin' but I'm presistent as hell
this ain't monopoly I'll never go jail
cause I don't give a Lakitu how many times it takes
and everytime you think I'm done I'm going to raise the stakes
I'm gonna take you down
in my flyin' Clown
turn this world
All Hail Koopa! He's our Leader!
Hear that kids?
Kids: You're a bleep bleep cheater!
I am
That's the sum of cards
Why fight it
I'll go the whole nine yards
I don't tip toe
I crap thunder
I breath fire
and I can't help wonder
what makes you think
you're going to get through
I don't think you're sober
I'll hurt you
I don't play around
and that's a virtue
I speak the truth
and I'm going to merc you
Takes this time to settle
your business
let all my troopas here
be your witness
I got the goombas
bringin' the bitches
just another second
while the beat scheme switches
4 measure rest until drums constant
You've made it this far
I'm almost impressed
But now it's time to put you to the test
you see
I'm a warlock just like Charlie Sheen
I'm afraid I'm about to make a scene
got a trick up my sleeve
here's what I'm talkin' about
it up in Hyrule from some dude with a snout
it's a little hocus pocus
I've been saving for you
just listen for a minute
you'll be black, red and blue too
Summoning the powers of the vile and the notorious
I'm Conjuring the fury of the tortured and uproarious
An ancient power chant to bring my forces out in stunning awe
An ancient power dance I'll use to perforate your barriers
Oh ah
Like a Goomba
Oh ah
Like a Goomba
Oh ah
Like a Goomba
Oh ah
Like A Goomba
Open the door
Get on the floor
I'm a motherfuckin' Dinosaur
Open the door
Get on the floor
I'm a motherfuckin' Dinosaur
Let your spine slip
Let your neck spasm
Mario Dies
but the crowd gets eargasms
I'm not the man
I'm the big damn turtle
I can throw hammers
and I'm a big damn hurdle
Duh duh duh, duh duh, duh duh
I told you
you'll never get through
I got these Thwomps on call
right above you
and when they see you
they're gonna stomps you
I know that stomps is not a word
fuck you
this is my world
talk how I wanna
gonna flaunt it man
cause I gotta
I eat your flora
then smoke your fauna
then I hope one day
to go down on Madonna
But one things for certain
You'll never get through
Cause your name's not Jack Burton
He just wants his truck back
your goals wack
you just wanna a little princess booty snack attack
I got goals in mind that go beyond her thighs
and once I smash that big ole head
the mushroom kingdom is mine
I'm going to crush you
into the underground
I'm going Bleep bleep bleep
and take an ultrasound!
You're not going to get through
and I'm going to make that a promise
If I said different I'd be dishonest
I've the blood of a tiger and an Adonis
Dna in my veins and I'll bomb this
Mushroom Kingdom into the stone-age
and these people will all know my rage
There's no rest for the wicked I swear it
I'll take your


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Aug 1, 2011
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