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A collab with a friend. The original mix he sent me was badly EQ'd, so it was hard to make it sound half-decent. The final mix is messy, but we'll fix it once he re-records his parts. This is a raw preview.


Soft Spot, you hit it.

I have a soft spot for orchestral metal, especially when neither the guitar nor the orchestra takes a backseat to the other, and this has just the right balance.

Biggest issue you're already aware of, which is the mixing, it is absolutely horrid, but that's something that can be fixed. Next up would be that it's so damn short! But I can't give you too much crap on that front, as I get a lot of the same complaint about my own music.

I also love the guitar riffs from 0:30 onwards, before that, it's pretty damn cliché, but the fact that it fits in nicely with the strings makes up for that.

Overall, I think this could definitely be turned into something great, which is why I've gone ahead and featured this song as my pick for Song of the Week! Congratulations!

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Not bad, but it really sounds far too messy, there's just too much going on, and the mastering hasn't been done very well.

I like the idea of using the strings, but they're not done very well. They phase the track a lot, which is never a good thing, and it feels like they're having trouble keeping up with the fast pace of the track itself. The guitar sounds good, and the rhythmics section isn't bad, though not very original.

Maybe hold back on the strings untill a bit later in the track, and pace them down a bit? They seem to be taking over the track entirely, and from what I've heard of similar tracks, that's not what you'd like.

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Well this is a pretty cool piece anyways. Did not expect that orchestra sound though. This is still a pretty brutal sounding fight song though, awesome work on this too.

The guitar sounds brutal and great, nice work on that. The bass is smooth and moves the song along in a great direction. The drums also sounded good, nice work there I think. The violin was completely unexpected though.

Overall, orchestra metal?

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GronmonSE responds:

Orchestral metal indeed :) Strings might have come in too early haha.


Its great but....

I would totally give it a 10 if u turned down the volume of the strings, it overtakes everything and it doesnt seem to fit at this volume level.

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GronmonSE responds:

Good point :)

There's not much here, but...

I'll review what I can.

It's metal. Not bad, until the strings come in. They phase a lot and don't fit well with the rest. They also repeat, which is kind of boring. They start not to phase after the initial part. I think the instruments are good, but it needs polishing up.

I REALLY don't know where this is going, it seems mainly to just wander and go around and around like you were lost as to what you were wanting this song to be and searching in about eight directions at once. The ending was disappointing too, it just cut off. I think this needs a lot of work, but each idea has potential, just need to order them properly and make the drums have a bit more order than someone just soloing. In fact, ALL the instruments seem like they're just soloing in the same key, and not staying together.

Good luck fitting this together!

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GronmonSE responds:

You have some valid points. Since the song is incomplete (1/4th done I would presume), there's a lot of room for improvement. That's why it seems directionless at the moment.

We'll see what we can do with the final product if we ever finish it :)


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Jul 30, 2011
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Heavy Metal
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