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A song I did with my friend Bleach over a classic Cypress Hill beat.

[Verse 1 - Transcendent]

It's a lunatic here with an unstable mental state/
Gifted with phonetic skill I'm here to demonstrate/
With my brother Bleach, trapped in straight jackets/
For hacking off the limbs of a pack of lame rappers/
Took the body parts, stacked 'em in a mattress/
Pat 'em down by jumping on 'em, practicing our backflips/
And that's it, now we're both battling the brackets/
Damn, I should've listened to him; cleaned off the hatchets.../
Didn't, so we're stuck just sitting in a padded room/
Cracker-looking Mexican and Aussie with an attitude/
Rabid dudes who'll eat you like some macaroons/
Tripping if you think you're better like a fucking sack of shrooms/

Insane in the membrane
Insane in the brain

[Verse 2 - Bleach]
Yo, if you ain't shit but you cocky, and you think you could stop me/
That's like a midget or jockey tryna smack the shit out of Rocky/
Just chew the fat kid, you lose and that's it/
'Cause now you fucking with the top 2 to rap; this/
Goose and Maverick with not one stop, bitch/
And you ain't even in a Top Gun cockpit/
Shotgun logic, quick-draw McGraw/
Put any bitch on the floor with just a flip from my jaw/
You want rap beef, best hope I don't come to your town/
Might swing by on tour when I ain't fucking around/
Roll up on bear cavalry, and leave your clique in a casket/
And all you bitches get jacked quick for your pic-a-nic baskets/

Insane in the membrane
Insane in the brain

[Verse 3 - Transcendent]
Two malevolent maniacs hell bent on busting out/
And by that, I mean busting nuts on your mother's couch/
No intercourse; beat it and we'll both leave/
We're assholes that felt like ruining upholstery/
No sleep, we're hopped up on happy pills/
Biting into Vicodin like it's a fucking Happy Meal/
Robbing pharmacies, armed with our apartment keys/
Causing arson fires from the car, now start it, Bleach!/
Laughing hard as the tires skid down the pavement/
We're off the chain like escaping from a slave ship/
Better pray you're working days, not the grave shift/
'Cause if so, this nympho will fuck you in the face, kid/
Didn't get it? Guess I'm being unclear/
You can't take the two of us...why? Well, because we're.../

Insane in the membrane
Insane in the brain


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Jul 29, 2011
11:40 PM EDT
Hip Hop - Modern
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