(Gillenium) Strange Petals

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Starts off pretty slow, but give it time, and I guarantee that this flower blooms.


Full of win!

I didn't see anything wrong with this song. It seems so mezmerizing... I love it!

Gillenium responds:

The PERFECT SONG????????? .... it's not, but thanks! :D

Cant find the words to describe

I listen to alot of music, I can always tell what the songs mean, but your song.... i cant fin the words to describe its meaning. I can only think of masterpiece, work of art and mysterious. I just want to listen to this song over and over again, I mean it never gets old, just like how Farplane said that the song told him what the world has and is becoming, to me the song is like telling a story, except you don;t see aything, you can tell what the story is like by the beats. I know what I'm saying must sound really weird, but anyways great jobs. 10/10

Gillenium responds:

Sounds like the song is a story all in itself! :D I'm glad I could drum up so many feelings in so many different people with this piece. When people can't describe how they're feeling while listening to the song, I've definitely done my job right. Music should be fresh and thought-provoking! Although that is one man's opinion... most of the folks on MTV would disagree with me :) Thanks for the review!


A sigh of relaxation. The composition of this song is second to none very intelligent. Atmospheres are original. Sounds, and rhythm is original. It creates more than a thousand visualizations. You manifested a whole bunch of sounds to create a piece to piece world within your mind. It's truely amazing. If I want to be stereotypical, I would say I feel like you placed me within a factory that is creating a numerous ammount of robots, and structures for futuristic tastes. Or, if I really want to go deep. It's like I am walking along the lines of emptiness in reality. Watching infinite designs soar across my mind within my mind, feeling the hollow, wholesome feel of a land of whiteness. Stripped of everything, and nothing to be exact. Surreal, and so real at the same time. Great work. 10/10 5/5 Favorite'd.
~Akumin Wolf~

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Gillenium responds:

Surreal songs are the best. Thanks for the review!

Love the melody.

My favorite piece of yours. :P

Gillenium responds:

You're not alone there :D Thanks for the review.

A constructive music

Im gonna try to describe this song :)

First a lonelly tune till (0:27) ...then some clicks (pick pock pick pock pick pock (0:27)....then a sound that makes me think that im going up and down the stairs (that must be the petals going down)..silence part with someone saying "its 2 for me LA" <--I THINK then a smoke passes by leaving us thinking "is it coming back?" and it does come back(0:44) ......then a lonelly breathing starts (1:04) and so for it.... I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!


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Gillenium responds:

Haha, thanks! This song is majorly weird.

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Feb 20, 2006
12:45 AM EST
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