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(Gillenium) Strange Petals

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Author Comments

Starts off pretty slow, but give it time, and I guarantee that this flower blooms.


I find this... pretty?

Yes, yes I do. This is one of my favorite ambient songs made from you, and I have a lot.

Gillenium responds:

thanks! I don't want to be a self-plugger, but I'm nearing the finishing stages of my first commercial album... stay tuned...


Gosh, I just hate the review scoring system... Anyways. You got a bit of a Sine Symphony going on there with those peaceful little blips. This song is quite good. And don't worry man. Everybod on this sight gets rated down! I'm gonna upload some of my music here soon too. I make Ambient, Ambient/Dnb, IDM, anyways peace!

Gillenium responds:

I'm pretty familiar with all the ambient artists, why haven't I seen you before? I'll check you out when I can. Thanks for the review


yeah, this track is nice. It's one of those tunes that gets ignored, but it rises above the shite on this site and has it's own personality. I've been monitoring this trk for a while and it keeps on getting voted down which is harsh and yet it still seems to get back to the top of the ambient category time and time again. I'm gonna give it a 4/5 cos it's a quality piece of music and it deserves recognition. Although I'm starting to think the guy who made it either has lots of friends on this site, or has far too much free time on his hands to make seperate accounts so he can vote 5 on his own stuff, either way, it's a good trk and deserves to be recognised, but the voting down of other peoples trx is not a good way forward and peple should take tim e to recognise the other good ambient artists, such as syphonmax and the like...

Gillenium responds:

Thanks for your review, roy! I can see where you would think that I have a voting posse or something, but I honestly don't know who votes for me sometimes. I vote on myself, and my girlfriend votes... sometimes my friend Paul. But other than that, I have no clue. Usually I go under the radar (which is why I stopped submitting for a long time), but every once in a while, one of my songs gets tremendous support. Although I wish those supporters would REVIEW every now and then. And I don't vote other people down. I don't really even want to be at the top, cause I know I'll be voted down, lol!


You're definately right, it definately blooms! Isn't it often the way that you have to explain that ambient music builds just so people don't turn off in the first 30 secs. I like the sounds you've used, nice use of reverbs and glitchy blips. It's chilled but with a dark edge to it which I like alot, not too sure bout the voice part though, perhaps run it through some effects to get it a bit more lo-fi so it works nicely with the retro blips.
Good stuff man.

Gillenium responds:

lol, I like the voice part! Mostly cause it's my voice :) Thanks for the review! You rock too, man. I rarely give reviews, but I might have to drop by your page later and give one...

Very Good

This is very good. Where do you come up with these nice sounds?

Gillenium responds:

Well, the guy's voice was me.... everything else, hell if I know. I spend weeks messing with crap till it sounds good. Thanks for the review!

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4.28 / 5.00

Feb 20, 2006
12:45 AM EST
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