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String remix of the classic Brinstar theme from the original Metroid. After several exhaustive and fruitless attempts to compose something original, I decided on posting this remix before my week-long departure. Let me know what you think of it. Reviews will be responded to upon my return, I will get to you.

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Loops well

Really nicely looped, and in general a pretty good track with some nice samples.

My biggest issue is that I can't find anything to hold onto, and I kept waiting for the track to give me something of that sort. There's not much in the way of structure, though the composition itself isn't very bad. And as I said, samples are really good, the drums are simple, providing support for the strings alongside the midi bass. Then again, I'm not too sure about the midi bass, I don't feel it fits too good with the main melody being played by strings.

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MeteorManMike responds:

I'm trying to keep with the spirit of the original metroid, which used a bass as kind of the action of the whole thing, with the long synths producing the melody and harmony. I'm not sure what else I could throw at it and still make it sound good, yet similar to the original.

Thanks for the review!


Lol, why do I always have to think of Final Fantasy whenever I hear a track like this one? ^^

Anyway, I think this is a pretty good track for a video game. I think it could be used in a pretty big range of video game genres, doesn't necessarily have to be a RPG, but could also be an action game like Rambo for the NES (well, the game was horrible, but that's beside the point ^^) as the song gets pretty intense towards the end.

The only problem I have with this one is that it doesn't loop too well. So in order to be used in a game you'd have to "fix" it first.

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MeteorManMike responds:

Haha, the styles of Metroid and FF are quite similar, now that I think of it. Probably the string types I used.

I'd call Metroid sort of a platformer/shooter/RPG. It's kind of its own genre.

Yeah, It's always hard to spice up a classical track and then bring it back down to loop right. I could always work on this one later, I guess.

Thanks for reviewing!

Smooth loop.

Instrumentation: Great.
Length: Great.
Tune: Nice and relaxing, while still making me think "Ok, let's get going!" Sounds like a wonderful starting theme to a game.

My problem, however, comes with what I've said in many other reviews. Not much structure! After less than a minute, I thought "...is this going to end?" It doesn't have variety, nor that much interest in it. At about 1:10, it seems to repeat. The bass and drums never really change, nor does the chording. It just gets... boring. I understand it's a remix, so there's not much difference you could do. But I've heard remixes that completely change songs so that the melodies are still present.

Overall, not bad, I'll have to listen to some of your other songs.

MeteorManMike responds:

Yeah, it's always hard to add my own flair to a classic tune. If I just throw some improv at it, there are always the guys who take offense to their favorite video game track being ruined.

Thanks for the review!

Samus! Samus!! Samus!!!!

Reminds me of the good times I actually had playing Super Smash Bros. Melee, always found the mission to defeat all the Metal Samus AI to be a bit difficult back then but now I can easily do it with little to no effort. Really relaxing and cool remake though, did a wonderful job on this one.

The bass seems to be the main piece of this song as it provides the main theme and piece for the song. The violin sounds really smooth and classy as always. I think you did a good job with those two. The drums hold and maintain a steady beat and help you feel motivated to complete the level.

Overall, excellent cover and loop.

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MeteorManMike responds:

Cool, glad you liked it! Ideally, there would be some brass in here, but I was pressing myself to put this one out before I left, and don't have many good plugins besides.

This was intended to be primarily chromatics, with the bass filling the same role as the original. The drums are just to fill up the otherwise quiet spaces.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Jul 25, 2011
1:33 PM EDT
Video Game
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