NOLD6 - Omnious wake

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Inside, the interior seemed just as familiar, on the walls paintings of old rooms hanging upside down or crooked, further down the paintings showed a highwork sight.
A dim light and fireplace crisp came from the door at the end, and inside..

"where have you been all this time" a man, sitting in a red leather chair sighed.
He was a young man, and scarily handsome.. not the type expected from ligher and darkers description.

"Are you omnious?" Meire asked.

"I asked you first" The man.. presumably omnious.. replied.

Meire came near "I need to wake up" "and i need to save lighter and darker too, please let me go"

The man stood up, the light from the fireplace behind him made him seem the devlisher..

"I dont know what you're talking about, but let me tell you something meire, im glad you returned to me.. like family should so."

"w..what?" meire stumbled..

"You're my all meire, everything.. ill give you everything!.. everything you desire"

Meire stepped back.. this wasnt what she expected.. "What do you mean you dont know what im talking about?!.. you enslaved lighter and darker ánd me!"

the man chuckled surrounded by the fire.. "You must be confused meire, i dont know anyone by those names.. why dont you sit close to me.."

"n..no" .."no!" meire yelled.. "I want to go home!"

"HOME?" the man now yelled himself.. scaring meire up against the wall.. "this IS your home now, better get used to it"
"Ill have none of this, i cared from you from day one, all i wanted was some equal treatment.."

"I tried a bit, i tried to make you understand" the man screeched at the top of his lungs now.. "yes i am omnious, and you will be my friend"
Omnious danced around the room exhuberated in his own fantasy..

Meire could not believe what she was hearing, stay here forever as omnious friend.. impossible..
"w...wake..up..please" she started crying falling onto her knees.. "i want to wake up now"

Softly in the distance an ongoing brass cried together with her.. "l..lighter.. darker.. im so sorry..i couldnt do it.."
Meire looked up tear faced .. omnious was still dancing wildly waving all across the room, atleast..he..seemed to be happy..

But the dance was cut by a loud knocking on the door..

Omnious turned his head toward meire now with terror on his face.. his image stuttering..
Without warning then dissapeared with a loud thump.

Slowly he house started to distort and fade before meires eyes, the brass sound became louder and louder untill she realised that she was staring at an empty wall..
In front of it stood a chair with something unrecognicable on it. Meire sat up to have a better look.. she was.. in bed..it was.. all a dream?

"Shes here" a voice beside her shouted into the room beside.. then turned to her.
"Dont worry sweety, your parents will be right here" "its allright, he cant hurt you anymore"

Meire carefully stepped out of the bed and looked around the corner.. in the room.. on the floor rested a young man in a pool of blood.. in his hand a gun.
Around him standing a whole lot of police officers looking at meire as she came nearer.

"My angel!" without question her mother's voice came from the front door's opening.. "im so glad you're allright'.. "d..did he do anything??" her mother already clutched her in her arms.
Father stood beside her, for the first time ever crying in front of meire..

Walking down the outside path toward the car, even at the dark of night she could see the bright colors of the flowers surrounding.

"no im allright mom" "hey .. dad" Meire stumbled.

"lets go home honey"

"wait!" meire suddenly stopped in her tracks.. "i.. i forgot something" and ran back into the house then briefly after came back out brighter.

On her way home.. in the car.. she held two plush dolls tight to her chest.. one a skull and one a sun, darker..and lighter.

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