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No Brainer

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Author Comments

July 2011 NAC Submission! I created it to resemble a cheesy B-movie.

Title: No Brainer
Length: 4:24
BPM: 134
Equipment: Korg EMX-1, MicroKORG, Mbox 2, Akai APC40, Ableton Live


NAC Judge

This has very good production quality. I like how the screams were used with the beats during the little breaks. Bassline was pretty funky, gritty, and not overpowering...I think the part that is soloing around 2:30 could use some more processing; like a phaser/flanger/chorus type effect. But that is really the only sample I have any gripes about. One of the better electronica/techno songs in the contest, by far.
Yeah, I really like the way the bass sounds, and the use of silence in your breaks/transitions were top of the line. You do a good job of mixing up the parts, but I am left wanting more of them. What's there is good, I'm just a layer nut...think nothing of it. REALLY cool fade out.
While you used some screams, which gave the song an aura of zombie appeal, I felt like overall the sound effects felt forced and unnatural. You're getting minor points for taking a serious stab at the zombie genre, but they would have been major points if the song revolved around the zombie theme and not had hints of it every here and there. An overall solid song that definitely deserves to be in the top 8. Good stuff.

My Score: 8.8

wwwyzzerdd responds:

I was thinking of doing something else around 2:30 when I dropped the "farting" bass synth (as Chronamut put it, haha), but alas I was lazy and said "meh, this works."

I hate to keep playing the "I sat down and shat this out in about 2 hours" line, but on the flipside, maybe if I dedicate more time to things, I'll have a better end product.

Thanks for the review!

NAC Judge

The intro was pretty good, reminiscent of 80s zombie soundtracks. I could see this in a zombie chase in a very bad B-Movie haha the composition was pretty limited to the same beat the whole time. But I like the cuts you have in there with the scream samples and then it kicks back again, it could work well in a zombie scene.

wwwyzzerdd responds:

Thank you for the review and the judge. Seems everyone touched on the same points, ha.

NAC Judge

The cheese synth opening was not my cup of tea. But the driving bass line and beat the follows definitely implied some chase or action coming my way. It is a tad repetitive, and the sound drop offs don't add much, I find them kind of distracting from the direction the song is going in. When the tempo picks up you are illustrating a very effective increase in the intensity of the situation that we are experiencing. Again the driving beat gets a bit repetitive again towards the end, and the 30 second drop off sound effect got old fast. Overall, you did well in sticking to the contest criteria. 7.8

wwwyzzerdd responds:

Thanks for the review and the judging!

NAC Judge

Rofl - needs to be grainier sounding - that synth is much too clear for a ceesy B-Movie

loving th sfx in the bg - but you need to make them more immersive. And now.. wet fart noises.. hahaha.. the horror clip parts are kinda interesting.. however.. I dunno. I'm not really feeling this part - I do like that effect at 1:38 though - however stuff after that just feels a little too techno-ey - where others took more a guitar presence - guitars -def. woulda helped this piece - some deep grungy guitar riffs.

So yeah unfortunately you song got a little boring around 2:45 - and then there was a weird pause.. and it's like you determiend "oh its not long enough - I'l wrap it back up to the beginning"

I dunno man.. just didn't seem well stitched together enough for me. I find it also lacked elements to really make it stick out - vocals or sound clips woulda definitely helped your case here.

8-bitty noise was kewl - but once again - not really relevant to zombies.



wwwyzzerdd responds:

Ha. Wet farts eh?

Well thank you for the review of the song. I'm aware that it's the only techno submission, but that's my typical genre. Figured there would be enough ambient noise + distorted guitar submissions to boot anyway. I'm quite surprised/happy though that I made it to the top 8. More surprised I did so well on my first contest submission ever. And VERY surprised because I misread the submission date and started this song on that day, hahaha.

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Credits & Info


4.06 / 5.00

Jul 22, 2011
4:35 PM EDT
File Info
10 MB
4 min 24 sec

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