SR - Plateau

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Here is my second entry for the Zombie Apocalypse NAC. I went for a western, bluesy sound. It is sort of reminiscent of Fallout NV

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Feels more like Borderlands to me.

Very great atmosphere, I do say this feels like a piece from Borderlands because of how similar the ambiance is compared to something in that game. Great work.

NAC Judge

A motel in the middle of nowhere with a vacancy sign swinging from it...

Waiting, building...western zombies? Is that tumbleweed I see? Have you seen that AMC zombie series "The Walking Dead"? This definitely reminds me of that...it BELONGS in that show. Open landscapes, emptiness, dead people walking around. Hopelessness, that's what I feel.

The tone of the guitar is insanely good. There's a perfect amount of reverb, enough to create a drifting, droned mood, but not too much to get in the way of clarity. Great use of sound fx, like the white noise and the sound of what seems like a rocking chair swinging. I really liked how the feedback ebbs and flows. And those pads, if there was ever any doubt about this song's place in the zombie genre, it went out the door with the introduction of those pads. They make it seem like the zombie wave is getting ever closer. Perhaps the addition of a lower octave on the pad would spice things up a bit.

It's an overall rather simple and sparse song, but the subtleties make it extravagant. Both of your submissions for this contest are some of the best songs I have ever heard from you. This song belongs at the top of the list. Great job.

My score: 9.4

NAC Judge

Well dude, western is NOT zombie apocalypse and a nuclear apocalypse is not a zombie apocalypse. I see what you tried to do but you didn't bring enough zombification (or at all) to the song to actually remind me of anything zombie related. It's s shame because it's a great clear sounding composition. You'd probably win a western NAC but yeah, not zombie...it's like if yuo were to make a song about elves in the forest but you make a song about an orc in a cave and you're like "but there are elves in the forest nearby the orc's cave" haha

SineRider responds:

yeah you hit the nail on the head. I was thinking of that after submitting this piece. The zombie style is lacking. I'm quite surprised I made it to the top 8. Thanks for being honest :)

NAC Judge

Oh so very cool! SLIDE GUITAR!! This illustrated wilderness or prairie roamers being affected by the incoming zombie evil. Though the pace of the song is incredibly slow, you make up for the lack of melody and beat with very emotional instrumentation. The wind sound and pan flute/whistle added to the southwestern theme you have going. This just felt so real, like I was there at the campfire or sleeping in the wagon when evil struck! Nice job sticking to the contest criteria! 8.7

NAC Judge

Loving the car effects in the bg.. still I don't feel the western theme fit this NAC - and as much as I appreciate you doing something different.. I don't find it worked too well here - don't get me wrong though, your execution of the style is brilliant - I just don't feel it's NAC oriented - more liek you just wanted to do a western song and submitted it, hoping itd fit hahaha.

but you knew all this cuz I told you it right off the bat hahaha.



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3.68 / 5.00

Jul 22, 2011
1:30 PM EDT
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