[OS] Mist

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Used my new (but used) Roland A-30 MIDI keyboard for this one.

5 minutes and a quiet room was where this came from. Improv with plenty of imperfections, exactly the way it should be.

P.s. I have no sustain pedal attachment.

P.p.s. Why am I still uploading to NG?

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dont ever stop uploading to NG

we all love your work man, just because it isnt showcased a much as it should be doesnt me it isnt less worthy. How could this site have hidden gems if everything was showcased anyway?

and you my friend are one of the sites hidden gems.

keep doing what you do man.. because you love it because it moves you, not because of some arbitrary number on the left side of the screen

NG Staff

ObsidianSnow responds:

Thanks, bud. I appreciate those words.

I don't care if I ever get showcased, really - I just want my music to reach the right people. People who need it. People who hear it, and change inside. So much of my music has always been about healing, it just takes a lot of effort to get it to the ears that need it. Sure, I have music written just for shits and giggles, or specifically for other projects... but that's not the real reason why the music is important. Healing is.

Anyways, thanks again, MindChamber. Maybe I can stick around a while yet...

Good Melancholic tone.

I see where you're coming from on being overlooked on here, along with several thousand others, but Chaotichism is right. While you may not get the ratings that you want, just be glad that there are people that actually listening your music. Now, I must review...

When it comes to composition and arrangement: for something that was pretty much improvised, you did a great job with that keyboard of yours. Definitely worth all that time you spent on this as it sounds sad in a good way. The only problem with this is that it feels empty, but considering the mood, it fit. The instrumentation may be like a regular piano, but that's all that this needed. Nothing else needs to be said about that. However, I think that the size of this song is a bit big for something that's three minutes long, but I won't knock you down.

-Good tone
-Fitting instrumentation
-Nice arrangement for something that was improvised.

-Feels kind of empty at times, but the desolate mood alleviated it.
-Could have used a somewhat smaller filesize.

Overall: Ian, here's a ten from me and just keep going; you'll eventually have at least a few who will use your stuff in their flash.

ObsidianSnow responds:

Actually, you're one of the first people to comment about my audio's file sizes, and I've been on NG for a couple years now. It's an easy enough thing to fix... I suppose I've chosen to keep them slightly larger because of my personal preference for quality. But perhaps I could lower them a little in the future, to encourage their use in the online community.

Also, re: people using my music in their flash, I've actually had my music used in a number of animations and games, as well as two short films, one of which has been played at a number of film festivals across North America. The problem is that this doesn't happen anywhere near often enough. I want to be doing more of this (especially writing for short films - I found those experiences the most gratifying), instead of maybe 2 or 3 projects a year.

Thanks for the review, FightingSeraph.

No sustain?

Doesn't matter. This is still a beautiful piece. If this is improv you came up with in 5 minutes, I applaud. Whenever I play on my keyboard, I tend to use the same, if not a similar, progression. To me, it's the best progression to use when you're conveying such sullen emotion. The softened delay makes up for the lack of sustain, so there's no problem there.

Very good stuff. I think anyone with a good ear for music needs to hear music like this. So don't worry about not being heard. If you're not happy here, then go elsewhere. Play for people in your neighborhood, or if need be, just keep advertising yourself. Be confident, just not too cocky. All will work out.

ObsidianSnow responds:

I've started looking into doing some live performances very recently, yeah... If I can manage to get a busking licence, I think I'll start there. Word is that my city doesn't take too kindly to amplification of any kind though, so an electric keyboard might be out of the question.

In any case, thanks for your thoughts and the review, Chaotichism.


You seriously did this from improv? That is some real skill there. And it sounds great! With some work, this could be a masterpiece!

Awesome Job!!

ObsidianSnow responds:

Yeah, it's improv - and thanks, glad you think so.

Thanks for the review, Rezztd.

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Jul 22, 2011
4:14 AM EDT
Solo Instrument
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3 min 7 sec

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