RunRoze (July NAC)

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This is my entry for the July NAC;
The theme is Zombie Apocalypse.
I think this piece comes under several of the sub categories.
1. High Speed Chase
2. Zombies in Forest
3. Creepy Circus theme.
Etc. Well I'm not sure which one it falls under the most


Rising from the depths within
We break free of mortal sin
Ringing round this dying rose
Flesh begins to decompose

Vile poison fills our veins
Fading hearts numb from the pains
Broken bones stick out like thorns
Aching as this choir mourns

Petalled blood seeps from my eyes
Shedding this old fools disguise
Haunting this abandoned street
Hopeful for a bite to eat

Children singing at beginning: my sister Bethany & brother Lincoln
Laugh + Run: my brother Harry
Singing at the end & Everything else: By me.

Edit: Worked on the Vocals a bit more. I had originally intended for the vocals to sound like how they do now, but I couldn't figure out how.. thanks to Chronamut for the little piece of inspiration ^_^

Edit2: I have made a version that does not include 'MwAAHHAHAHAHA ... RUN.' for those who don't like it. That version can be found at http://www.newgrounds.com /audio/listen/436573 It is titled 'RunRozeEdit'

EDIT3: YAYYYYYY 2nd place in July NAC ^___^

EDIT4: This has a zombie theme to it so I guessed that might in some way make it a relevant submission to the game 'Madness' So I'm entering it into MadnessDay2011

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Decent track, kinda unique

Differant sounds here this was pretty neat, the sounds were differant and unique, the first 38 seconds were really quiet, i understand you were going for some build up there but maybe about 15 seconds in would be more better, 38 seconds seems too long, now this was an odd piece as there was alot of differant sounds in there, but i liked it as it was kinda unique, so with all that said, it was ok, and notbad at all.

could use some faster build up in the begenning.

MrMusicalLion responds:

Yeah, had to set the scene at first because otherwise it'd not work well, as a suspense piece it was a necessity so it doesn't sound too well if it's listened too like your typical piece of music.

Thanks for the review anyhow ^_^

NAC Judge

OMG Yes!

That intro is perfect. The timing on the piano, is incredible eerie. The guffaw and pads with the sensation of falling down...SO great that you used Ring Around the Rosie, because it's about the black plague, which is very zombie-esque. And the voice processing is exceptional throughout, it really is.

The drum chase scene irked me the first time I listened to it, but I start to like it more and more now. It's such a random DnB break, but a great one. It's hard to put in a tempo change without making it really noticeable, there are a lot in this song and they're all seamless. The way it works with the drums is really cool. Not really much of a chase scene, in my mind...but I could really care less the way it flows into the next part.

The poem is pretty good. I don't quite get the "Petalled blood seeps from my eyes" line...having a hard time with the imagery. It's supposed to be like a rose? The chorus effects on your voice at the end were magnificent. I'd rather it'd be on your voice a little bit more earlier on in the first stanza...

This thing is all over the place, and I must say it is one of the most well-rounded songs I have come across in some time. Not to mention how unbelievably well it fit within the Zombie guidelines. Kudos.

My Score: 9.6

MrMusicalLion responds:

Glad you asked about that line,
Lemme explain :D [Glad to, in fact ^_^ ]

'Petalled blood seeps from my eyes.'
It's comparing the Person turning into a zombie, to a rose that is slowly losing its petals.
I describe the blood coming from the eyes as though it were like petals falling from a rose.
If you imagine that the eye itself is the centre of the rose, and the drops of blood are the petals, you should be able to get the imagery pretty well.

Anywho many thanks for the lovely indepth review, I was also wondering whether or not to introduce those effects on my voice earlier or later - the tricky thing was trying to figure out how to strike a balance between maintaining the tension and keeping the listener interested. I made this piece in about 3 or 4 days so I am happy with how it turned out considering I found out about the contest a week before the deadline ^_^

Thanks! :)

Postscript from RunRozeEdit

I actually like the version with the MwAHAHAHAH...run vocals. I feel that it provides the necessary transition from the creepy circus to running for dear life. However, I think the laughing part could have been modified a bit more to fit in. Maybe make it a bit softer and add some distortion, and layer it with another distorted lead? I don't know how to make such awesome vocals anyways, but just my thoughts.

Congratulation on your second place too!

MrMusicalLion responds:

Interesting :D Yeah, some people like the run, and others don't. The laugh was a little bit under-edited, I saw that in hindsight.. I might have a quick mess around with this to make it better, before it [possibly] gets front paged in a week or two

Thanks! :)


I'm pretty amazed at this track, brings out intense fear as well as just an overall creepy feel, really goes well with the theme of the contest, and it definitely deserved a second.

I'm not sure exactly how to review this. I love the industrial sound of the whole track. The vocals really fit the track, and the lyrics are really well written, really creepy. I like that they got to dominate so much with little to interfere, that really brought out the creepy feel.

Intro was pretty good and freaked me out, reminds me of a carnival themed zombie flick I saw some months back, and the kids vocals was a really nice twist. The voice saying run had some interference to it, not sure if that was intentional. Ending was a bit abrupt, but not bad.

REview Request Club

MrMusicalLion responds:

Just to let you know, Your reviews are always awesome :) I'm gonna reply to this properly in a bit ^_^

Edit: I'm back from holiday now ^_^
Well thanks, I'm happy that I got 2nd place :D I had a great time writing the lyrics for this. Lots of underlying hidden meaning in them too.

I'm glad that the intro freaked you out - that was my intention :P
The run bit was indeed filtered a little bit to make it sound less human, and the ending was made to convey a sense imminent danger lurking all around you, silently.

NAC Judge

Pretty original I must say, the children vocals were good, the laugh and run pretty corny and your vocals were pretty cool too, but the piece started a bit empty and then the distortion was a bit too irritating, still pretty good ambiance! It does sound like horror :D

MrMusicalLion responds:

Merci Beacoup :)
Interesting.. would be nice to know where the irritating distortion begins, exactly.
In hindsight I think the laugh could have done with a bit more editing to make it sound more appropriate to the piece. Ah well.
Thanks for the review! :D

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Jul 20, 2011
12:23 AM EDT
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