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This took me three days to make. After about 2 weeks with no big ideas, I have this song for you all. Not much to say about it, just listen.

Enjoy, my two fans.

Edit: Made the ending a little bigger, added strings and beefed up the drums at the end.


Like a sun that is half-risen..

I can see that this is beautiful yet I feel that there is more to be revealed, yet.

For instance, I felt that for the majority of the track that there was masses of 'empty space' in the mix. There could [and I daresay, Should*] have been another instrument/rhythm/melody added to fill in the music, I didn't really hear anything that wanted to keep me listening, sure, the music is beautiful and of course it is very pleasant but I didn't feel like I was really being led on a journey, I just felt like it was static place, a picture of flying birds - I want to see those birds move, not just stand there, frozen, as beautiful as it may be..

I really like the intro, the instrument used has a fragile fantasy feeling to it. You could have increased dynamic variety throughout the piece, it stuck out to me that the instruments more or less stayed around the same sort of dynamics.

I think the part I liked most was at 2:45 where you filled in the music a bit more with that extra lead.

It reminds me somewhat of Owl City's music, too.

I feel that there should be more instrument variety. The instruments you have used great. Just I feel this would benefit from more different voices/textures etc, the piece seems to describe such a large atmosphere and it also describes an energetic place, too, yet there is very happening in this place. I can see the water.. the mountains, the sky and so on yet it feels somewhat like it is lacking nature, wildlife, huanity and so on...

Anywho. Good work :)
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you have a good song here. the name just makes me think of the Knights of Cygnus,a set of classes in one of my favorite MMO's, Maplestory >,< anyways,i like how this song sounds. it has a firm foundation,and it just sounds like something you would/could put in a movie at any given moment.

now,there are somethings i dont really like,like the bass line. it wobbles a bit too much. it would be nice to hear a regular bass line instead of a wobble wobble wobble,you know what im saying? the wobbling isnt really necessary in a calm,slow-paced song like this.

the other thing i didnt like is there is no real dynamic change in the chord structure or melodic line at all. it'd be good to add a key change or a bridge section to keep something like this fresh.

overall,its a cool piece to listen to and all,but it still needs a little work. great job though,i commend you for it.

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Not bad

This song isn't bad, but it just doesn't work for me, I guess. I mean, the melodies and the rhythm are pretty nice. But overall I find this song a bit boring.

Now, that doesn't mean I can't work for others (an average score of 9.6 from 8 reviews should be enough evidence that it indeed DOES work for other people). But for me there are some things missing. I think a stronger bass would be quite useful, and I think if the song would be played a bit faster (or had some faster parts) it would sound much better and would be more interesting to listen to.

Sorry I had to rain on your parade. :(

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Mashed up

Really interesting track you've got here. i like the sort of mashup of multiple genres, stretching from the hip-hop beats to the slightly wet dubstep bass, aaand of course the classical piano and strings.

The melody is so, so good. In general, the entire composition, this sounds like a real proper song, with really wel done mastering and production. There's so much going on, and nothing really feels out of place. I'm not a huge fan of the drum samples, though, but that might just be. Just feel they don't really fit in too good, a bit too sharp.

The transitions are really well done as well, very smoothly going from one segment to another. The song is varied and original, don't really feel it gets old at any points, and not really repetitive, which can be hard with such a long song. Long compared to the average on NG, at least (:

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very solemn and soft with a very vibrant melodic, very peaceful. I do believe this counts as trance, it sounds like trance to me at least. I really like you choice of sounds, I think it is perfect for this composition, I see practically nothing wrong with this piece. It feels a little repetitive in one or two bits of this piece but that's not too big of an issue. Other then that this piece is absolutely flawless.

I'm not entirely sure the potential of this in the flash portal, I think it could be used for flash music, but what kind of film it would go in I'm not quite sure. Its very unlikely that this will go into a game, but it might.

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