Kazmo/DLN - Neon (Sonik E

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With approval from the legendary Dj Kazmo himself; I proudly present my personal edit of the song "Neon" by Kazmo & DLN (Eminence)

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and while you're there...

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Thanks everyone

~Dj Sonik/ Dreameater

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i Love it Dj!

I don't know what to say! I just love it %u2665

DreamEater responds:

thanks again ^.~


Well composed

Nice and calm, for a tune that I seriously thought at first impressions was going to build up and blow my freaking head off. I love the subtle use of the piano and the way that you incorporate the bass with everything else, to make this tune what it is.

Normally, I'd have said that 7 minutes is too long for a piece of this genre, but no, it works so well and I can't see how I would change the piece myself. The beat is consistent and even when it loops, it fits together well, with only a slight subtle change. Would it be too much to blend the two together, rather than giving a discernible start / end to the track? Perhaps vocals would be the way forward, but not much, lest you spoil the ambience.

[Review Request Club]

DreamEater responds:

Whoa, thanks so much for the review Coop! I'm really glad you enjoyed my work! :D

Most Progressive-House today seems to be all about wrenching around with the ugliest sounds you can find... until you come out with something kinda listenable; I can definitely understand why you expected to have your head blown off. lol

The whole idea of this edit was to do quite the opposite though. I really wanted to nail a nice, pure, and almost angelic sound with this one. I completely agree vocals are a definite way forward for this track, but probably nothing too track dominating. I miss the days when trance and progressive was about listening to beautiful music/ Doing lightshows. So I really strive to consolidate my sound, and start to re-inspire a generation. :D

thanks again for the awesome review my friend. I can't wait to read the next one!

~Dj Sonik

Dance dance kittens

Well this does hold the atmosphere of electro and dance to it which is pretty swell I think. The beat seems to start low pitch then picks up and kind of juggles itself along as you listen and enjoy the piece a lot just seeming to pick up on certain notes and I can kind of imagine kittens playing and sleeping to this piece as well, hilarious.

The synth has a nice feel to it as it continues to bring you up and make you feel good here. It seems to also kind of hold a quirky feel to it as well which is good. The bass is fat and very wet feeling here which I found enjoyable I think and also smooth. The drums help complete the piece and make it all the better with their simple beat that they hold.

Overall, good party song, makes me think of kittens too.

Review Request Club

DreamEater responds:

Hey dude thanks so much the review!

I'm really glad you enjoyed my edit of this monster track. Interesting though, how you thought of "kittens playing and sleeping to this" just from listening to this track... that's a different one :3... but the thought is indeed hilarious xD

Thanks again for the awesome review buddy!
~Dj Sonik

i love this edit it PUMPS me up bro

though i found it surprisingly awesome that the song variableX from megaman X6 when you meet zero fits pretty well to this song but that aside i would love to rave to this bring out the glow sticks cause its time to party (-_-) do the shuffle lol cheers to you mate n have a jolly good day ^_^

DreamEater responds:

Thanks so much Soniczero!
It's been so awesome hearing from you so much again, and i realllly appreciate all of the fan videos on youtube!
you rock dude; thanks so much for helping do my job haha... it can get pretty overwhelming at times x.x;

~Dj Sonik

Lol what i meant by my review

on sonic heroes hang castle was that i almost beat the game but i had to give it back to my friend Lol

DreamEater responds:

awww dude you gotta finish it :o!
Epic ending forreal x.x

Thanks for the review buddy haha

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