Tuscanic - Figurehead

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Well, this is my first Drum N Bass submission. It has been a while since I made some.


The irony

is that you rated a different song lower, when it was about as good as this.

But then again, I go after other songs for what some of my own don't have. So I can't really complain much about that. I'll judge this song on its merits alone, rather than bias it in any way.

-Variation. Need. More. Variation. The whole thing honestly sounds like the same thing throughout. I honestly skipped from, like, the beginning to 0:42, and it could have been there. Just about the whole song could be rearranged any way you want, and it would sound pretty much the same. This is [u][b]NOT A GOOD SIGN.[b][u] (if anyone here uses BBcode in forums, they'll get that.) Try making the chording different in different areas throughout the song. As it is, I'm bored in about 20 seconds, also not a good sign. If you have it more variable and attention-drawing, that would make it a much better song.

Now, on to the good parts.

-Mixing. Very good. Not many complaints about that, not much to say about that. I don't really factor in the mixing job as much as other things (provided you can hear things, there's not much distortion, etc.)

-Instrumentation. Very good. You obviously took time to make the instruments. (either that or searched through Reason or something) If you did make the instruments, I would love it if you could make some for me. lol. Great job here too.

-Transitions. Eh. They're transitions. Not overly good, not overly cool, but not bad. Of course, I could definitely make "transitions" singular, since there's not much of a change in the song.

I really don't have much else to say, but... here's your general rundown.

Yes, it's cool, but as ESTAR48 said, far too repetitive and empty. Your music production is top-notch. Your composition element, however, is MAJORLY lacking.

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Tuscanic responds:

In my learning years of music production, I focused on the sound rather than the composition. As a result, I am a huge perfectionist on the mix and I don't pay attention to the melodic portion of my songs. I can come up with some cool riffs, but I need to expand my knowledge on music theory to help me make a full story out of my ideas. Don't worry, I am getting there step by step.

Thanks for taking the time to review. :)


wow nice, i liked it but the song was too repetitive and empty so...

Tuscanic responds:

So, you don't like it?

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Jul 12, 2011
4:53 AM EDT
Drum N Bass
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