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LS&L - Dubstep's Future (WIP)

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Author Comments

I belong on Circus Records.


Pretty good anyways

Has a flow to it as if one was getting ready to head to a very interesting circus of sorts as well. It has a really cool beat to I think. You just seem to have done a very great job of getting the listener pumped before breaking the beat into full dubstep. Also the space core being added was awesome.

The dub sounds are all great as usual I see. The space core appears happy here too. The synth and bass make a nice combo as they provide the main beat and make you feel really pumped as you listen to the tune as well. The deeper sounding bass was a great touch.

The drums are great too. They hold a steady tempo and provide a cool pumped feel when the dub sounds come in.

Overall, sounds awesome. On a side note there was supposed to be secondary dialog for the space core stating it was scared of space and wanting to go back to earth after awhile. :P

Review Request Club

Still not used to dubstep

Great synth used here. Gives it kind of a retro, techno feel. Of course, that's probably a bit ironic, considering the title, LOL. You have some really good chord work here, and it sounds like the finished product will sound awesome.

The weird bit near the end where it sounds like it's being played by a reverse synth kind of throws me for a loop. I did, however get a kick out of "Space!" I guess I have to listen to more examples of the genre to get the feel for reviewing these.

Good job, keep it up!

M3 of the Review Request Club

Not bad

Well, I'm not too sure if this really is dubstep. Sure enough it's got the wobbles, but that's about it, it reminds me more of some club techno at times, fused with parts of dubstep.

Yes, your build-ups are pretty sick, they're really prepearing for the drop, but the drops aren't that good, there's lacking bass aside the wobbles. In addition to that, there's some noise, distortion or something, which really ruined it quite a lot.

The synths you've used at other parts of the track aren't bad, but the entire track is a bit repetitive, with melody being similar, and the drops being similar. Keep working on this, take the advices of the reviewers and you'll get a proper good track, there's definitely some potential here.

Review Request Club

good start.

right off the bat I felt like some of those sounds were really lo fi. that synth at the beginning playing the melody needs to be phatter. distort, add an oscilator, pan, EQ, compress, filter, phaser/flang... really anything would help things out for that synth. it's just incredibly bland. the next lo fi sound I notice is that click going off at 0:40. given that it's part of the introduction, i might keep it in there but lower the level, add a touch of reverb then bend the pitch until it sounds on. of course, there are a million other samples that could replace that sound but as things are right now it just irks me. it reminds me of the click noise most programs use as a default metronome :/

wayyyyy too much reverb on that drum kit. you want that kit punching through the mix and driving things. the drums are the arguably the most important thing to any electronic music genre... save for ambient for obvious reasons. knock it off and use reverb sparingly. it muddies the fuck out of a mix and this track would be so much cleaner with a little less of it.

Drums: compress, layer, EQ, sidechain your synths/bass and repeat until that drum kit is clean like a babies rump. if your unfamiliar with how to do any of that I'd learn how to do each in that exact order...

another thing I want to touch on, that drop at 0:57 is messy as fuck. are you familiar with clipping? you'll want to watch your levels at that point because my headphones hear nothing but good old fashioned digital clipping. don't overdrive that signal to the point where your driving your clipping indicators to the red. back down on that mix and compress where you have to.

last thing to hit on is panning. panning gives of the illusion that sounds are louder than they really are so when you pan a sound up a lot you can actually turn the levels down on everything to help keep it all clean. it's like you can have your cake and eat it to.

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Simple, but catchy.

Please continue this, it seems like it could be a very good song. I love the intro of about 56 seconds, that sounded really good and made me think "Oh, man, here we go."
At least, that's what I thought at first.

Unfortunately, at 0:56, the distortion on the wobbles made me practically go cross-eyed. It hurt. I know dubstep is all about muddy basses and sub-basses, but still...

I also noticed that there was no sub-bass, for some reason. As I was told once, not kindly, the sub-bass is one of the largest parts of dubstep. This sub-bass is either not there or at very low volume. It is lacking there.

This song sounded like it wanted to be a song other than dubstep, more like some kind of techno. This is because I couldn't help noticing the repetitiveness of it.

Good work, but it could really use some more polish and elbow grease.

-Review Request Club-

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3.08 / 5.00

Jul 11, 2011
4:23 AM EDT
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3.3 MB
1 min 27 sec

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