~SW~ Alone

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I made this to go to a short /story/ I had thought up, conveniently at about the same time as I made this.

-Begin Transmission-
"The people had lived for many generations, it was told by our fathers.
We had fought against many other things, and had taken control of our small world.
Everything around us was ours, and we knew it.
We had reached incredible heights, had incredible technology, and could work miracles.
But we were dying out. We had killed our planet...

I am the last one of my race...
Please! If anyone hears this, know who we are!
We are human!
We survived for thousands of years, but we made a mistake...
If anyone hears this, don't destroy your home...
Don't kill your only hope of survival!"
-End transmission-

That day, the one sending the transmission died of starvation and thirst, like the rest of his kind. He had refused to eat his own, because of the moral disgust of such an action that had been drilled into him like everyone else.

And nobody heard and mourned for him.

Nobody was there to cry.


After the end

Sounds like a post-apocalyptic theme, maybe 10 or 100 years after it happened. It does give a sensation of loneliness and solitude. 'Ancient, lifeless structures tower towards the sky as clouds of dust drift by their feet. All is silent as the grave as you walk through this scene, wondering what could have happened.'

Really great work on the piano, just the right amount of reverb and volume to make it feel lifeless, yet like there was once life. The supporting string chords are also well done. This is a very emotional piece, and works really well.

Great job, keep up the good work!

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HEar me out on this.

The track made me feel small, it's big, it's grand, but along with the story, it also made me feel bigger. It's odd, really, having a track that can bring out such completely different feelings in a person, I absolutely adore it.

The composition is quite nice, it's the execution that's my only problem. It's not completely refined in the way that it just sounds a bit off in places, and the piano feels like it's taking a bit too much space. It does sound a tad off-key at times, but nothing too remarkable.

I'm really interested in the whole story-telling factor. It's something I remember hearing/reading in a track I reviewed a couple months back, and it often works out so well and adds something completely new to the track, like another dimension of sorts.

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Feels like a plot thickener..

or the intro to some game,im sure. this also feels like a theme from Majora's Mask.(im sure you know which one it is; i sure dont remember the name!)

anyways,this feels like a very sadistic start to a musical series. it feels like space,looking at space,and just thinking about how small you really are compared to the rest of the universe. it feels humble.

the song doesn't really have anything bad,it's just at some points i dont thing the melody in is key with the chords,including the ending,that was a weird ending,but a suitible ending nonetheless.

Overall,it's a very thoughtout piece,but not as musically difficult as i would think a song of such caliber would be..

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I guess it would sound better if the story was being read with it though right? Still a really good piece though so I do enjoy it for that anyways which is always nice to know and hear.

The piano is very relaxing and oh so calm to hear as well. The wind instrument I also hear sounds very calm and smooth in this piece too making it quite relaxing and a very mellow piece to me.

Overall, relaxing and short piece.

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Jul 8, 2011
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