Queen of Chaos

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Awakening the Chaos arranged by Shanath

Game: BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger (PS3/360)
VST: Direct Wave, Sytrus, ect.
Software: FL Studio, Audacity

One of my favorite songs from Blazblue. This is the theme that plays during the battle against Nu in story mode and it's also her main theme.

Some comments/crits would be nice as I deviated a little from my usual style so I'm not sure how good it sounds.

I hope you enjoy this submission.

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This song brings back more memories then I can count. Excellent work.

One of the best classical songs I've heard!

This is so Awesome! I guess I'd better hear the original, but POOR PERCUSSION?? I guess my ear just isn't trained to that?? Percussion sounds pretty good to me, I dunno...
GREAT JOB, Keep it up! :DD

Shanath responds:

Well, percussion doesn't sound bad but it does sound midi-ish. Never gonna be the same as the real thing, haha.

Anyway, glad you liked it. :]

Good remix, but...

The percussion parts weren't as good as the rest of the song. Not bad enough to bring it down heavily, but it still is rather noticable when the percussion sounds like hitting plastic. Other than that, it's a solid remix. Hopefully, you can do a remix of Bang's theme as well as some others.


Shanath responds:

Yeah, I plan on working on some others. Glad you enjoyed!

Poor Percussion

Not an easy song to recreate, I am well aware, and in terms of getting the notes down you did a good job.

Your instrument balancing is a bit better here, but the percussion sounds completely bland and MIDI. It's really distracting to the overall piece.

I question having a flute take over the epic choir melody from the original, and the strings at the song's climax sound rather dissonant at first (though they're rather nice in their other appearances throughout), like a foul note or two crept in there.

Overall, it needs work. Kudos to you on rebuilding the track, but most of it comes up short.

Shanath responds:

I pretty much agree with all your points. I wanted to keep the amazing choir melody the original one has but I didn't want to use a synthesized one for it and I couldn't get anyone to lend their voice for this.

I want to make a V2 of this one of these days, but that's probably not gonna happen anytime soon. :x

Still, thanks for yet another review. It's helpful when they are as critical as yours. :3

This was quite nice.

Blazblue has some of the best tracks I've heard, and even though I normally don't enjoy Nu-13's theme as much as some of the other characters' themes (such as Jin vs Noel Imperial Code, or all of Hazama's themes :3), this one kept me listening to the end, and was the song that got me to login into my Newgrounds just now to write a review. It truly is quite a good remix. Some parts were a bit unfitting though, and kind of disrupted the orchestral epicness of the song, (mostly just a little sound here or there, most of which was the sound similar to the sound of, say, something plastic hitting something I guess? Kind of a hard sound to describe, but it obviously differs from most of the song). Otherwise, nice remix. Look forward to other remixes of Blazblue music.

Shanath responds:

I'm glad you liked it. Blazblue has one of the best soundtracks around and I totally love Hazama. :] Anyway, I plan on working on other Blazblue stuff in the future so I hope you'll listen then too!

We should also play BB sometime if you have it. :3

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Jul 4, 2011
1:11 PM EDT
Video Game
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