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robot factory - RD2011

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Author Comments

Ok first of all the full name of this is Midnight at the robot factory, but had to shorten it to get the RD2011 in.

So this akind of a mixture of ambient music, sound scapes and voice acting. its a little different from what i normally do but i thought id use this competition as an excuse to experiment.

I drew influences from the flaming lips to make this piece, in particular there recent piece "two blobs fucking", which gave me the idea of having a monologue being read over the top of the music.

I used a few recordings of different machinery. Some sampled in full into the piece, to created an ambient baking noise. And others were put through beat slicer to create the mechanical beats used in it.
All other sounds used were made in fruity loops, except for the 2 guitar parts and the vocals which were recorded after i exported the rest of the piece into audacity.
I found that my voice didn't sound quite right over the top of the music, and thats why i adopted a slighly america accent.

Below is my original monologue that i wrote, the first section is preety much the same, but the second and third do differ from this version a bit.

So there was this huge industrial plant that at night i used to enjoy going in and walking around mainly because it was quiet and i gave me time to think, but there was one night i was out and i was aware of this loud mechanical roaring in the distance, and i though to myself "whos that" there never usually any signs of life or anything around there and i though "whos out working still at this hour" it was well past midnight at this point. so i started walking towards where i could here this sound coming from, and after 10-15 mminutes i found the building, and it was this huge factory with this amazing blue light shining out front, and i noticed a sign o the front read "robotics recycling facillity"
So i was intrigued at what was going on at this place, so i looked round for a while and i couldn't really see into the windows, they were placed far too high, and eventually i found a ladder round the side and i though "hey mabey i can get up there and find a skylight"
And as i looked dow through the skylight i was amazed by what i saw.
There were mabey 5-600 of these mechanical robot men stood at these massive conveyor belts which were churning masses old robotic limbs, and these robots would sort through and remove pieces and carry them i couldn't really see where.
But it was so amazing to watch, because it was such a huge feat of human engineereing, and it was quite poignant that these machines would someday be condemed and they would end up being the robots laying on the conveyor belt .
Anyway after several minutes of watching this go on i realised there were no genetic life forms in there so i climbed down and i went inside.
And i discovered this to be a much more complex operation than i had first though, the robots wern't just removing the limbs, but physicaly ripping the parts from the torsos of these lifeless metal bodies, and placing them on these huge conveyor belts which took them up to where they were dumped into these huge shipping containers, but i soon realised that the heads were still on the original conveyor belt. so eager as i was to know where the heads were going i followed the conveyor belt to these huge flappy partitions in the wall, and i pushed through these, to a room, where the heads were being fed into this huge machine, with 2 massive cog like tethe on the front the was crushing the heads into little pieces, an i found this whole process amazing to watch.
But i soon realised on robot had stopped what it was doing and was just stood there watching the conveyor belt, and i reached in and removed one of the heads, and stood there staring at it and then it slowly pulled it in and clutched it to its chest like a new born baby. then the robot climbed onto the conveyor belt and let itself be fed into the machine, it just let itself get killed.
And to this day i dont know what the fuck that was all about. I wish i did.


nicely done

that was a powerful lil piece of acting

i enjoyed it alot

horsebugger responds:

Thanks alot, first time ive really tried any kind of voice acting. i enjoyed doing this one though so i may try doing some more ideas like this in the future.

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3.22 / 5.00

Jul 3, 2011
12:25 PM EDT
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6 min 39 sec

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