J@Ks Zoom Guitar Jam 3

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Getting funky with the Geeeeetarh. Just a little something, myself and a friend threw together in my lounge room. Enjoy.

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Sounds like a nice casual jam to listen to on a lazy day.

So tell me do you like perform or something because I think you guys definetly sound great. With that all said I hope you continue to do great work in the future. See you around

gamejunkie responds:

Thanks for the review Wegra. No, nowadays we don't go out and perform, (but we do go out for some fun at times) but it's just myself and some good friends getting together and making sweet tunes.

Cheers gamejunkie.

Funky Indeed

Some pretty sick riffs you created with your friend there, buddy. It was indeed funky. Some parts were louder than others, but I understand that was probably what you were going for. I really liked the way you ended the song. I think you can create some real full songs using all these jams you have made with your friend instead of just posting them individually. It could be a heck of a song. You can maybe even add some kickass beats into it and a bass along too. Until then, keep on rocking! 10/10 5/5

gamejunkie responds:

Thank you, kind sir. We have plenty of great ideas yet to come. Full songs included. Watch this space. And as always thanks for the awesome review.

Cheers, your pal GJ.


This is more like it. Seems like in this one you tried to make more of a coherent song rather than just some random playing. I agree that it's nice how diverse your work is so far. Sounds like you guys can do some rock, blues, funk and probably more guitar styles if you want.

The sound quality could be tuned up a little bit, but that's all the criticism I have on this one.

Also, if you can get some more instruments in there, like some drum or base loop, that would definitely be nice. I don't know if you got the equipment for that though...

Overall 9 out of 10, 5 out of 5. Hopefully you got more works like this.


gamejunkie responds:

Thanks Auz, we think we have the sound volume glitches fixed. And a variety of work and styles will be coming soon.

Thanks for the great review.
Cheers gamejunkie.

Nice and cool

A bit more of a relaxed piece, when compared to the others I've reviewed thus far. Not a bad thing at all.

I'd like to hear this with a better audio quality, and I know I've said this about the other parts of the jam session as well, but some of these parts really need to be put into context with a full song.

I'm enjoying the diversity in what you've uploaded as well. Blues, experimenting with the amp, and this I feel ismore of a relaxed funky piece.

gamejunkie responds:

Thank you for your great review.

Cheers gamejunkie.


I will agree on this piece as it does sound quite funky to me. So what kind of sound effect are you using on the guitar amp?

The sound kind of makes and feels like it would be the start to some sort of movie as well. I think if you really wanted to start trying to make some cool pieces, a nice idea would be play the guitar as normal. Then come back and alter the amp to where the bass is the main sound of the guitar and record with the top two strings. then in the audio recording program tune down the pitch a bit for a bass line effect.

Overall, funky.

gamejunkie responds:

Cheers. Again I think we had the recording level to high with this one it seems. It's a shame this is my fave piece from this 1st session. We're gonna try do one session a week, get as many little pieces together as we can. Also we are plugged into amps with a mic hooked in front of the amp, then both running into the Zoom controller, to give crisper overall sound. And besides minor adjustments on Zoom, no effects as such, its just all natural and all good, all played normal as you put it. A little pedal and just a touch of wah.

Thanks again, gj.

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Jul 2, 2011
12:47 AM EDT
General Rock
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