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Frustration -

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Piece to an album I'm working on. It will likely be cut down and edited to fit the album better.

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haha i dnt get what everyone is talking about the fact that it becomes another gives it a chameleon effect. its incognito reminds me of my beat D.P.O.P constantly changing so i get where ur coming from with this i enjoyed it begining to end. what more is there to say

... Song's in parts=Review's in parts =)

I like the pace and the sounds every now and again. This could sound a lot like something one could hear as a menu title to some sci-fi game or anything like that I think as the sounds are interesting and the sounds in there would fit it(imo).

The sounds get even more interesting and come in a higher number, and it feels kinda like some form for build-up to a "next phase" or part. I really like
the transition, which isn't too harsh or too soon at all.

I am absolutely IN LOVE with this part. It's just so soft, yet interesting rather than boring.
Altogether it could sound like there are more parts or perhaps even more songs within this song. They still somehow fit enough to not make it too sudden or simply reject each other. The transitions to the next parts are quite subtle and you have to be in the next phase before you even realized the line has been crossed and you're not in the same part of the song anymore. Some say this song could've been shorter, but I don't know if I agree as it kinda seems like it pretty much gives it the charm.

Compared to some of the other stuff I've heard from you this isn't as difficult to understand and is therefore might sound way better for everyone, rather than the few who actually try to understand/get used to the music. I don't really see music as art or do drugs(lol). I just really, really like music and try to like as much as I can, although the process is slow. This song seems like it's less difficult to like/understand as there are less sounds that might or might not be composed in a way that is kind of hard to make sense out of for some, perhaps even most people. I think that's just a good thing as it might attract more listeners as it seems more "available to everyone".

Again with the longer reviews, but I like writing long reviews. Keep doing your thing, good sir. I like it. Both the confusing stuff and this kind of stuff. Somehow hoping all of this doesn't come out to be all rubbish :P


InvisibleObserver responds:

I agree with your notions of the songs more accessible nature. I'm very slowly working on a dance-ish album at the moment, and as such it makes sense for there to be a more likeable nature to it. This songs due for a large order/progression over-haul.

As for how you feel about music not being art, I'm assuming you miss typed or forgot a keyword. Music and products can be machinated in a form that is not particularly artistic seeming, but that doesn't make something not artistic to everyone. Similarily in the inverse. People have a lot of difficulties seperating something that is likeable from something not likeable from not artistic and the artistic.

More over, the notions of art and creativity are generally sibling words, and used synonymously. My opinion is that to be creative is easily perceived or self declared, where as artistic merit really is for an individual to judge. IE: I'm certainly creative, but when it comes to being artistic, others can choose that for themselves.

And I don't mind long reviews at all.

Starts well, loses it

I absolutely love the way this song starts off. It's excellent background music that never gets old. But by around 3 minutes into the song it kind of trails off and gets a bit annoying. It becomes a different song almost. Maybe it should be shorter? It's a bit disappointing compared to how it starts off :)

InvisibleObserver responds:

Becoming a different song is very much something I intended, its for an album in which pieces are going to be rather dynamic by genre and style featuring alot of evolution and contrast. Its going to get tweaked and the progression moved around a fair bit though.


This is an awesome jam. I can put this on repeat for an hour or two, easily.

Always nice to hear someone mess around with something new. It's varied, but never random, the synths are awesome, the melodic line is really damn good, the rhythmics could do with just a bit more variation, but the track is really cool either way.

InvisibleObserver responds:

Thanks sweetums! Your words fuel my self esteem.


I lurk the audio portal nearly weekly, and probably haven't logged in for a good 6 months up until now. I just had to let you know how fucking good this is. Never in the 17 years of my life have I heard such a unique and flavorful blend of sounds. This is fucking excellent, well done sir. (Having 7.2 double subs probably helps x])

InvisibleObserver responds:

Probably gives yourself quite the kick in the face of sound. I've been thinking lately writing surround sound music might be a lot of fun.

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4.74 / 5.00

Jun 29, 2011
11:57 PM EDT
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