I hate this feeling

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Last old song I'll post here, next will be new stuff!
This one is a song I firstly did for myself, but that my other guitarist wanted for my band. Unfortunately, we had to give up on it, as it was way too technical drumwise and required samples to be played on stage (and we don't have the money to buy the gear yet ;__; ). So it remained in my computer, without any vocals as usual with my old stuff. I used TSE x30 for the guitars with s-preshigh IR, bass is just my guitar downtuned, loaded through the AmpegSVX VST. Drum is Superior Drummer (or Metal Foundry, can't remember).

That's the last old song I had for you guys, next time I'll post a brand new song with vocals! It'll be a "prelude" for my upcoming EP that I'm planning on releasing by the end of august.
Don't expect anything too fancy please, but be sure to check it out! :)

EDIT: thanks to the latest review, I remembered why we actually didn't keep the song. It wasn't intended to be played live, as it was just a test song I composed to find a djenty sound to my guitars x) It is in fact composed of 3 riffs I had put together (guess you'll easily be able to notice where one ends and the other begins ahah). Truth is, the beginning sounds a lot like Intake by Volumes (if you haven't checked them yet, do it now), and I remember going back and forth between the song uploaded on one track in Cubase and my mix, to try to find a similar drum and guitar sound. Obviously, I failed, but this song still helped me a lot finding the sound for my album.
I'll be posting a new song next week, stay tuned!

C ya very soon!

Sam D. Hyde

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how can u do that <.<

really incredible...thell me the truth!I'm sure you're The Thing(see this video to know what's The Thing :D http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Txjm94 GnrPA) XD....c'mon i'm joking :D nice job man!

TheRealSam responds:

Well you don't have to be joking, that's me... at morning.
Thanks for the review! :)

nice and intresting

i like the intro very good and different and well played
songs like a kill swich song

TheRealSam responds:

Ahah quite a lot of people have been comparing my songs with some of killswitch's work. Truth is, I don't know a lot of KSE, used to listen to one or two songs from them but that's it ahah, weird :)
Thanks a lot for the review man!

very good!

I'm loven the piano twist in the bigging! As for the rest of the song VERY well done.

TheRealSam responds:

Thanks a lot man!! :)


Its an awsome song can't stop listening :D

TheRealSam responds:

Thanks a lot man! :)


ok song but the first djenty riff is a exact copy to the song

intake by volumes

look it up if you dont believe me

TheRealSam responds:

Yep, I know, even if the use of the adjective "exact" here is inappropriate in my opinion. I admit that I've been strongly influenced by Volumes while composing this song, especially the beginning, and that is why I am posting it here for free as I don't aknowledge it as a complete song, but mainly a test, as I was starting to compose these kind of riffs and try to give a djenty feel to my guitar sound.
http://www.youtube.com / watch?v=oesGcAmW4fg Hell, you can just go there if you want to hear the song, that'll save you a search ;)
And so it is worth taking 8 points out of ten, just because of that similarity? Then you can probably go downvote pretty much every metal/djent/hardcore/dubstep/drum and bass/pop/reggea/ska/etc band out there. Everybody copies everybody, some do it well and we call it "influence", some do it obviously and we call it plagiarism. I don't think I plagiarized Volumes here.
Anyway, thanks a lot for your constructive review, you are more than welcome to go and listen to my other songs. :)

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