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hearth warming piano piece...

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Cloud 9

You are a brilliant pianist, first off.

I really clicked with this.
It's really calm and soothing to me, and gives me the feeling that there is an underlying tone of something like desire.
Like a really far off desire for someone special who is just out of reach.
In essence, this song is romantic and cute. *__*

Fantastic job, as always.
5/5 10/10 downloaded <3

mjattie responds:


I can tell you I was not in a very good mood at the time I made this song, it's nice you can feel that too.

thanks a lot again!

Heart Warming, indeed. :)

Was this an Improvisation? It feels like it is one.. anyway.. I will just review this bit by bit.. forgive me if the review is not spectacular; I'm feeling quite ill right now :( Any critique I give is not intended to be harsh, but instead, I hope it will help you develop. :)

Before I start I'd like to say that your playing style and the feel of this piece of music remind me *Alot* of a piece of music by a composer named Randall Leonard.

Search 'flutterbys 1 by randall leonard' in youtube.. if you want the youtube link, let me know and I will message you it.
Anyways, without further ado..

<Parts that worked very nicely>
00:42-00:50 great depth to the music here.. rich tone, expressive.
01:21-01:31 ^ same as above <- this bit is wonderfully played, I must add.
02:29-02:43 Here the music feels like it's really going somewhere.. it sounds like someone is in a summer meadow, watching the grass sway in the wind.. very beautiful.
02:54-03:13 The right hand here, the melody, it has a very .. heartfelt feeling to it.. almost a longing for someone/something. The left hand could be improved here though, I think.

<Parts that didn't work well or could be improved>
00:00-00:42 .. here, the Left Hand was really basic and I think that the saying 'Less is more' could have been applied for this section.. to get people into the flow of the music I would have played slow chords to begin with in the left hand, and then sped things up by changing to an arpeggio like you did at 00:42.
01:06-01:11 here the chords you used betrayed the feeling of the piece, i.e I really felt like they didn't follow through with the emotional 'direction' you had been moving in from the beginning.
01:51-01:54 again, as above, this sound feels very out of place compared to the rest of the music. It's like having Sugar with Mash, i.e a complete clash of flavours.
02:15-02:19 ^ as above.

To summarize,
Pros: Good sense of dynamics, when the music sounded nice - it sounded *very* nice, nice flow.
Cons: Some parts of the music used chords that really didn't match well with the rest of the piece. Also the Left hand was quite repetitive in places.

:) Hope that helps.. in any way.
I would recommend that you take the parts that I mentioned that were good
[especially 2:29-2:43] and make a new piece using those parts as the initial building blocks to work from :)

Good luck! :D [And well done.. ]

mjattie responds:

Hello MrMusicalLion, first of all I want you to thank you for listening so carefully to my improvisation (yes you were right about that ^^) I don't find this review harsh at all, though, I do not agree with some parts of it. I listened to the song of Randal Leonard and I think it's a really nice song, and I certainly can hear similarities with my song, though I think the feeling is slightly different... I'm not sure how to explain... I think mine is somehow mysterious and his is melancholic.

So let's get started on what I agree about and what I don't agree about:

I agree that the left hand is repetitive from 0:00 to 0:41 and the solution you offer is a very good one.
I do not totally agree that the chords from 1:06 to 1:11 betray the feeling of the piece. I tried to make a variation to the theme, but it was not a very good one, I agree.

I agree that the chords are a bit strange but I think that they do not really clash with the feeling (I actually think they create the feeling or something...). I actually wanted to use those chords, because I was experimenting with them...

Though I thank you a lot for this review! It's certainly nice to hear someone's opinion about it :)

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