[H] - Sadistic Shadows

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Song Used " Ghosts "
http://www.newgrounds.com /audio/listen/331476

Made By " Bojangies"
http://bojangies.newgroun ds.com/

Edited by He Is Alive ( soon to be aka Blest )
Song : Sadistic Shadows


There's an apparation clawing at my ceiling and ive just been pretending that its not there and
Im coming to the conclusion that Im wrong. By the end of this song my soul should be long gone
To avoid an asteriod filled with steriods that destroyed the overjoyed wanna be sigmund freud
What do I think of myself? I think that Im a peice of shit and I should go hang myself up on a shelf

To keep the secret locked away and bleep it, I dont care if its not completed, we just cant afford to be defeated
Easily, when we control the memory, the scroll you'll never see, I dont care how badly, madly that they begin to plea
Listen man, when you run out of your luck, you can come back to me and ask me if I give a fuck
I'll just laugh when your gullibility has the dignity to seek past your own bleak Naiviety

On another note I think that you should know that youre a joke, go choke yourself around the throat, ill supply the rope
Your life is absolutely meaningless to me, because youre a savage beast that ravages the darkened city streets
In the search for flesh on anything alive and left, they hold their breath even at the slightest pungent scent of death
The esoteric rhetoric that inflicts the sick, it was all too quick for the prophet to agknowledge it

The witch flipped his switch with a poisonous kiss, he twitched when the bitch stitched the skin after stealing all of his ribs within
Exposing all his organs, she's walking toward him with a hammer in her hand, whispering "who's the lucky man?"
He broke his teeth eating at the shackling, shaking, screaming " let me free!" " I want to be with my family "
She proceeds the giggling, pleasuring from the string of life that you cling on to at the ending...


Tell me what you all think about this one :D

p.s. Arnt you glad I didnt have an abbreviated song title this time? LOL!


Some dope isht right here

Sorry I've been gone for so long, but I had to take a break from NG, mofos were getting on my nerves, and I don't have time for kids... But yeah, this is definitely some dope delivery, man.


HeIsAlive responds:

Thanks man.
I know how it is. Ive been taking a break, I actually just started writing again.

So lets hope my new shit gets just as good reviews as the old ones :D


Yo Hels, respect.. I'm proud of you homie real talk. I wonder what you'll sound like on studio quality, hit up the inbox.. I got chu.


HeIsAlive responds:

Will do man. 4 more days until I hit the studio :D

Thanks for the review bro, ill shoot you when I get the goods lol.

Reminds me of Atmosphere.

I don't know if you've ever heard them, but your voice, lyrics, and sound all remind me of them. Oh well, onto the actual review. I like your style, I like it a lot. Your beat is great, your voice sounds cool, and your flow is pretty damn good. What really puts this rap together is that it's actually rather intelligent. I hope you go somewhere with this. All I can say is to keep practicing, and who knows what can happen.

HeIsAlive responds:

Thank man, love the review.

Im going to be releasing a lot more songs real soon, studio quality, you should keep an eye out for them and tell me what you think about them when they finally drop.

great sound!

i love your style. dark and deep. the piano adds to your style perfectly. this song is a very good. dont give up cause if u keep going with this sound and never try to change it because of fame, like eminem now listen to some of his music.

HeIsAlive responds:

Well thanks for the compliments man, I wouldnt quite want to be like Eminem, his life seems completely wrecked. I do this for fun, and if it were to go somewhere, that would be awesome, but I dont dream about it at all.

I appreciate your review man, again, thanks :D

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Jun 28, 2011
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Hip Hop - Olskool
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