KKS - Subconscious Mind

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A trip into subconscious, the basement of one's self pyramid.
Who knows what lies beneath, but the answer is yourself.


Strangers in an Alien Land

Spinning melodies.
Imperfect Harmonies.
The lives of a thousand men unraveled.
We are but strangers in an alien land.
We climb the wall.
But escape can never be achieved.
How will we save each other if we can't save ourselves?
The endless seas of your mind cannot be decoded.
A clash of color swallows you.
The end is near.
But you won't make it.

We try day after day to understand our minds.
But how can we accomplish anything if we don't know who we are?
Perhaps we must wait for a while longer...
Forever in the desert of our minds...

KKSlider60 responds:

Landing in our own xenoverse,
What lies beyond the unfamiliar structures of our inner frontiers?
Questions instead of answers...
The sleeping self awaiting for his enlightenment.

this is interesting...

haha, i don't mean that in a bad way.
An interesting take onto the theme. I like it. it is very cool.
The sound effects and choir is a great use.
Although the reverse of the glass sounds or whatever it is is a bit repetitive, if you could change it up a bit with more effects it would be more trippy.

KKSlider60 responds:

That effect was actually an experiment, and I was so excited to use a reversed sound I totally just spammed it. XD It's one of the main elements that gives character to this track, though, and I'm not sure if I can "fix" this minor flaw without compromising the whole.
Oh well, till next time.

Thanks for your kind review :)

Woah... Just woah...

I love the way you dissipate one rhythm into the next and then with sudden shift.
It seems a little hesitant in the beginning. The eerie bells should lower in volume I think as they are drawing my attention away from the better bits of the song in some parts more towards the end. But over all its got a vibrant tension to it and I really like that. Overall really great piece.

It gives me awesome images in my head.
(Keep reading if you want to know what I see, otherwise the review ends here)
When I hear this, while in a daze - I am looking at a planet and gradually moving deeper into its atmosphere to gaze upon what lies on its surface, and then I begin moving across its surface viewing its different terrain. Starting from its dark side - I first gaze upon what appears to be a dark waste land with very rugged terrain, then I slowly begin to see bits of green and trees, soon I am crossing over a forest that grows denser and denser. From the distance I come to a mountain range. Just beyond the tip of its peak, there appears to be a glow.
As I grow closer to it, I begin to lower to it until I'm just beneath the tips of its peak. As I cross over the glow brightens and then dims as I gaze upon a vast, futuristic city, as I cross over it I look around and see all the vibrant colors and glows in windows and on signs in strange characters I can't read. I can see the corona of the horizon (sunlight) in the distance. But then I begin to rise and begin to just move straight up and away from the planet. I move back through the clouds. As I look back on this planet it seems much more colorful then when I first descended to its surface.

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KKSlider60 responds:

Radiant skyscrapers, suspended in clouds at an incredible distance from the ground, as if they seek to escape from the atmosphere. A radiant white, outshone by a setting sun, whose rays enlight the last features of the great Sky City - a symbol of a culture, the triumph of symbiotic machinery and sentient beings, guardians of their own planet. Utopian world, as watched from afar... Who knows what secrets holds, who knows what story the Universe has to tell us in front of a cracking fireplace, whose flames of time warmed our very existence since the beginning of everything.

Kind of weird

Hey, um, ok, nah, just kidding. No but seriously, this piece makes me sound and feel weird. Also really makes me think of Resident Evil 2 and 3 actually. It is a very well composed piece so you did a really nice job on it.

The ambient synth notes being hit are very soft and kind of make you think something dramatic is happening. The the creepy reverse sound of what appears to be a dropping item make this just feel pretty creepy to me. It makes the piece good though.

The drums sound really light and have a nice filter effect placed on them as well so that was actually pretty good for me. I think this piece just really talks for itself for most of it as it makes you feel weird.

Overall, greatly creepy thinking piece.

KKSlider60 responds:

I love reading the various interpretations about my tracks. One could feel completely chilled after hearing this, another could feel unsettled and disturbed. I tell you, I think most people fear their own subconscious, but once you overcome this barrier, it'll become easier to discover and understand yourself.

Thanks for your review and analysis as always,

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Jun 24, 2011
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