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My Little Fugue

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Author Comments

welcome to my 2nd piece....tnx to Audacity :), and my obseesion wif the fugue~



whoa. this one feels SO epic ! lol what i mean is its good alot of power and feeling to it
anyway awsome song

LoneInstrumentalist responds:

poweR? mmmmmmm..........err *cough* hi
nice meeting u XD

yea, i found the normal fugue lacking interesting bits, so i set off to make a better one

i tink i fked up bad.....X3 not enough variations n the sax was overdone, but worked somewat nicely (refer to maestro :p)

tnx for reviewing :)


This is Bach

The main theme is that of Bach's Little Fugue in G minor. There are several original quotations of it, but perhaps this should have been made a little clearer. It is a good remix, definitely. Very good for a second submission. I found the orchestra hits to be a little distracting. Thanks for your review.

LoneInstrumentalist responds:

forgot the composer, but yes, its not that original, i tried to mix it abit ~_~ but hey, its only my 2nd song~

i dont tink i'll rework this, or at least, its gonna take awhile, n also yes, i will take away orch hits, i was still trying out sounds at that time X]

tnx for ur reivew too!

cheerios~ keep ur work up :) (dont u hate 0 votes...)


I like the themes. It looks like you definately took a stab at fugal form, which I am very happy to see. This is close, but not quite in true fugue form. Care to post an analysis of this so I can see how your mind was working? I am curious to hear more stuff :).

LoneInstrumentalist responds:

sing in showers, remember, sing it n hyme it X]

i aint jokin as well lo, i just seem to....compose it literally in my mind......but my hand refuse to write it down properly when i try :x

i basically take wat i like, alter it or make it from scratch, and then filter it through a dose of my "style"...improvisation sums it up X]

ty for reviewing, keep urs up!


Hahah, this was neato!

I think you are off to a good start and you are getting a lot of great reviews to help you out! You really solved some problems in this song that you had in the first. You spread your instruments out in frequencies and it sounded a lot better. That and you had some cool timpani rolls going =) I really liked the melodies in this song, you really know how to compose some pretty interesting stuff. Once you learn to use your software better and get decent knowledge of how to master then you should go back to your first songs and re-do them, I can hear them in my head right now, they could sound amazingly breath-taking. So keep composing and shoot for the sky, you can go places with your orchestrated music as long as you keep working on making it sound better, and by that I mean your instruments/samples, not your melodies, those are great.

~ Kirizzle

LoneInstrumentalist responds:

tnx man, i hope this compensates for my stupid threads on Bbs X]at least a lil

tnx for the review :), my head works in a unique (heavily put: insane) frequency X] so i dunno.....

hehe, sum friends of mine complained too....im just too weird... X]

cheerios! (yum!)
keep up your works too, n i'll see to ur suggestions :p

Quite impressive.

Ah LoneInstrumentalist, when I first clicked your name, long time ago, you had no music, at last now I can see how your mind works.

I must say, you have a world of talent my friend, the potential is there, you just require some better sounding sounds (get VST's, if you AIM or email me, I will tell you everything you'll need to know about them, if you don't know already.).

Onto the review.

DJDarkAngel has already pointed out some excellent points, here's what I think.

The beginning, deep choirs, set a mood right away, however have you considered replacing, or adding a deep cello with that choir? Why do I suggest this?

Because the orchestra hit in itself, does not comply with the choir, it sounds too different, and therefore clashes with the song, not co-operate with it.

Orchestra hits work exceptionall well with

1) high pitched, powerful strings.
2) other brass instruments (duh)
3) Organs (i'm experimenting with this, but I so tottaly accidently figured out Organs and Orchestra hits work rather good X_x)

these are the three primary ones I found at least, and though the sax does in some form provide Brass, it does not give off the sound required to operate with the orchestra hits.

Another suggestion concerning the Orchestra hits.
Remove them. There is a neat melody that the choir is singing, I REALLY like it. So you could add a lot of power to that melody if you use some wind instruments like the flute, or a violin playing long extended notes with the choir, to provide a stable foundation for the song to stand on.

The sax actually works out pretty good.

I must say I truly appreciated this piece LoneInstrumentalist, one day you will produce very powerful things I am sure.

5/5 from me, keep them coming ^^.

LoneInstrumentalist responds:

Lolapopylicious my friend!

as for ur comments n other's, all well appreciated, ty all :)

hehe, ur the 1st to point out (so far, im reviewing backwards :x) about the timpani n sax X]

as for ur flute comment....i'll need a recorder....as im aimin for grade 6 flute X]

cheerios! tnx for reviewing....n check ur msn X]

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Credits & Info

2.84 / 5.00

Feb 12, 2006
3:16 AM EST
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1.7 MB
1 min 53 sec

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