Jazz Therapy

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Imagine your in the 60's in a jazz club wearing a fancy suit, brown or balck one, long socks, & shiny, new, & fancy black dress shoes with your girl in a poodle skirt & a fancy hair did. You enter the club & hear the song starting. Everyone gets up from there chairs & starts dancing & grooving with their lady, including you! It's so nice & your having the greatest time. At the end of the song everyone sits back down, talks, & the you & the guy's head to the bar to hit up some shots.

I just love makin' a good story with jazz songs. I felt this was nice & very oldschool, jazz-wise. The song kinda reminded me of a Banjo Kazooie game song for some reason. If you wanna hear the really jazzy part where it ALL starts, go to 1:40. It's almost like sax therapy, but it's mostly about the piano. I had fun makin' this song cuz I just kept jammin' to it & I hope you jam to it too. Pleez pleez pleez rate, review, download, & enjoy!!!


something to groove to

Intro wasn't all that impressive but after the 1:40 mark, those lame "0 voters" dont know what they are missing here! Very rythimatic and pure. I could put myself into the shoes of the classy folks. *dances for the rest of the song*

Great tunes bro! keep it up!

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Stavier responds:

Yeah, I maybe could've done a better intro, but I really wanted to start somethin' groovy, ya know?? I even put it in the description that it starts at 1:40, but they don't listen. Glad you danced to it :D Thanx for the review!!!


Friggin' awesome...pretty repetetive....but still awesome!

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Stavier responds:

Lolz thanx. I see how it gets repetitive, but it's jazzy alright :D Thanx for the review!!!


I liked the piano solo at 1:16 but the song kind of got static-y at 1:40, it also seemed to really shift at about 2:00. The sax at the end seemed a little hokey and I kinda felt the two different pauses you used seemed slightly too long, made it feel as if the song was over in those spots. But all in all it was alright. I think what would be a better description of this is walking through to different parts of the place because of the numerous transitions.

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Stavier responds:

Actually at 1:40 I added a Vinyl FX so that's the reason why it sounds staticy, but at least you noticed, it was kinda for an oldskool FX. Yeah, I was tryin' toshift it a little & just add the percussion cuz I couldn't have added the sax, wanted to save the best for last :D I know what you mean by the sax, but I tried just adding a regular sax it sounded horrible for some reason cuz this is like an oldskool mix kinda song if you think about it. But next time I make a jaz song, the sax won't sound like that. Well, I know what you mean by the breaks. The 1st one is kinda long, I see. The 2nd one was the same, but it had the vinyl FX rising down for a trick appareance, ooooooo, didn't see that comin' :D When the song actually starts, that's kinda the dancing part. Thanx for the review!!!

holy anus!

some good ass jazz right here!! everything flows together and shit real nice. only thin i take a point off for it youre using loops, and to be honest you should move away from loops and compose your own stuff, or compose on top of a single loop, not piece them together if you know what im saying. anyway you still get swag points for having these awesome loops and for being able to put them together nicely!! Keep it swag!

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Stavier responds:

Yeah, when I purchase it I will, but my computer is acting up really weird, might have to get it fixed by a pro :/ Trust me, the single loops are hard to match up in tempo & stuff. Glad i got the swag points :D Thanx for the review!!!


I've heard bad jazz... But this really beats the best of the best! I love it! It really makes me move and make me want to grab a girl and dance... This is just awsome... I like the begining with all the pinano and instruments... Please pm me the link to your new songs please...

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Stavier responds:

Apparently this must be pretty good saying that this review made me smile :) Glad you could dance to this. Just grab her by the hand & say "let's dance, mamasita" :D Glad you liked the instrumentation of the song cuz I was tryin' to get just the right sax & the sax in this song made it sound jazzy. I will sure PM & thanx for the review!!!

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