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Needham Underground Beat

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Author Comments

Basically, this is essentially a medley. If I say that, that removes a common criticism.

Oh. Wait. Forget medley. It's a SAMPLER.

Yeah. This is the music only.
The lyrics that would go along with this are as follows:

I don't think you got me the first time,
So here's a onetime bonus rhyme,
Where I'll protest like a pro the bogus slime
'cause I got personally affected while in my rappin' prime!

Free speech t'be valued 'cause somebody's gotta do it,
You think it'd be easy then I submit,
The wit kept fit the speech I emit,
The NUN: they made us quit!

DJ Newman on the news!
He always filmed without crew cues!
It was biased with conservative views,
But we seek to inform and amuse!
Where else would you get your news?

Censoring freedom I don't accept,
Authoritarian power been overstepped,
Mass left-wing conspiracy has always crept,
But never before did it intercept,
So systematic and quite adept,
Free speech slaughtered so we wept!


Black Ops? Tuesday? YEEES!
Attack cops this newsday, save freedom of press!
...But don't really do that in the rain, in the cold rain,
Do stuff that's legal and do not slain,
Can't stoop to their level or we can't complain,
That we're more restricted than Soviet Ukraine!

Stop takin' offense to my defense of my immense sense,
Commence suspense for this is intense at freedom's expense!

And indignation flies once more, like a phoenix, rising from the...beaches!
So please leave me alone and don't be beetches,
Don't tell me like it is, wheech-is
...Phoenixes don't live on beaches 'n' rise from eeshs. (ashes)

I'm a silky creepy spider slinkin' the side,
My web is expanded...worldwide!
That's too expansive for your corruption to hide,
I'm everywhere through the air like dihydrogen monoxide!

Three Cups of Tea? Don't buy it; it's a terrible book,
Greg Mortenson's mountain mishap doesn't need your look.
Fuego's Fuel free expression puts badness to shame,
Light it on fire while sayin' it's lame.
That never actually happened which is quite the pain,
Administrative crackdown like acid rain!

We got our support from stoners and nerds,
Take a breath mint so you don't smell like turd!
Anti-rigid battle we shall wage, we're rebels wantin' fun,
One freedom taken every new stage, soon we'll have no place to run, run, run!
Our games are ending with no high score,
But remember: The NUN is legendary lore!

I'm a registered badass I'd like to express myself more,
...But I'd be expelled if I called for a war.
Only a matter of time before they ban the expression of rap,
They could suspend you if at home you decide to fap!



I feel as if you tried way to hard to be different and that just ruined it. If you want to be out of the box, at least do it correctly. You just threw a bunch of sounds together, and as for your summary on the song, it makes you looks like a bad troll.

PrinceLudwig responds:

I AM a bad troll.

What you do just wack keys?

I don't think I have ever heard anything so mismatched in my life.

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PrinceLudwig responds:


Atonal songs never caught on

for a reason, man.

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PrinceLudwig responds:

...I'm sorry you don't appreciate the style of this.

What the fuck...

I would like to ask... What in the hell were you smoking, and where can I get some?

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PrinceLudwig responds:

Thank you for your informative review. I'll be sure to improve based on your suggestions in the future.

This is really terrible

This is the same quality as like my worst stuff. What exactly did they teach you in music by computer bro? You can't just have one giant jam session and call it a beat. The point of a BEAT is to have repetition and,,,you know...follow an actual beat.

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PrinceLudwig responds:

...Teach us? wtf?

It sounds pretty good with the actual singing part, based on my experience of having to perform the song live. The other beats I made are actual repetition and stuff. I went into some whole symbolic discussion about the choppiness of this song and how it represents the NUN and all that. There's a reason for it (it's intentional, artistically).

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Credits & Info

4.43 / 5.00

Jun 17, 2011
11:59 PM EDT
Hip Hop - Olskool
File Info
2.5 MB
2 min 13 sec

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