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Hey folks,

Been a while since I've released a tune as I've been around the world and back in the past few weeks. Went to the Philippines for 3 weeks with my girlfriend (now Fiance) on vacation and had quite an adventure. Speaking of quite an adventure, this tune is definitely an epic journey in Progressive House! :D

Made entirely in Propellerhead Record + Reason over the course of a week upon my return, I've had a total blast making this tune. I focused on really getting some nice thick layers and a driving rhythm going on throughout the piece with a progression on melody as the tune unfolds.

More like my trance tunes in its expression of futurism and a longing for the unknown. As usual, please rate / review / enjoy!

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nice stuff

Durn but progressed! Like how you are developing!

durn responds:

Thanks man. :) Went for a more modern sound with this one. Couldn't resist dropping guitar in somehow though. :D

Another Great Song

Jeez the way you are going you will have an album already, unless you already do and I don't know it. Don't need to say much more than that seems like you know what you are doing.

durn responds:

To have an album would require a label and my dayjob eats up too much time to try and start one of those myself. I just need to finish my latest track and send it in to some labels and get the ball rolling in the right direction. :)

Love it! :D

Hey man, this piece is really nice, sounds like you experimented a lot on this, the drums make it sound like it isn't a House track at times weirdly enough, I just think it's how the track meshes together though. Love all the synths put into here, the sidechaining, the nicely sounding mixdown. (I sidechain basically everything, so I love to hear other artists sidechaining too. xD) But yeah man, I really love this track, you seem to have put a lot of work into it, if I were to give it any criticism at all, all I can think of is maybe turning the delay on the background bells a little, but that's really all I can think of at the moment. D:

It's not like me, since I usually tear a song apart and find about a million things someone should change, but you have left me kind of stumped. I noticed the song kind of reminded me of reminded me of Netsky, which is odd since he's a whole different genre, but I think it's the melody reminded me of the one he uses a lot haha :). Great job mate, congrats with the fiance thing, hope it goes well for you two and my best wishes are with you! :D


Maybe check out my music when you get the time too? :D

durn responds:

Haha, yeah, I do love side-chaining. It basically opened up a whole world of production for me. First song I ever tried sidechaining on was Summer Solace and it received huge accolades so the process will always hold a warm spot in my heart (hence the name of one of my other tracks :D).

Agreed, the delay on the bell lead that comes in halfway through the song is a bit much, though I think it's the sharpness of the synth itself that makes the delay not as enjoyable. Could probably have eq'd it a little better.

Aye, a few people've said my melodies would be hot in a DnB tune, I just can't seem to get those crisp-ass sounding drums though, hopefully propellerhead will release a sweet DnB refill at some point.

Thanks for the congratulations on the engagement! :D It's great news, she's a wonderful woman.

I will (and did) check out your stuff! :D

It was just another summer's day...

I climbed into my spaceship and traveled through time and space, not knowing where I was going was the journey itself. As I flew through time, where ever, when ever, I landed, I spreaded the word of Durn: 'Dance' to the people I met. Together, we revolutionized history and our lives through his music, and in return we created a colossal monument to our savior, Durn... in the late 32nd century however (0_0) .... Inscribed on the monument, however, was the phrase: 'Durn! I give you a 5/5 for the beat! 5/5 for originality! And 5/5 for being able to groove to this!' Generations from then on came to pray to the monument and do the ceremonial dance party, honoring Durn, the God of Music.

durn responds:

Oh Autoslayer, you slay me. :D Thanks for another wild and weird review, you always take ME on a journey with your words! :)

I love how dj n is in the users also liked lol

sick pad textures, i can totally hear someone singing on top of this. nothing wrong with it, love it's moodiness.

durn responds:

Haha, for you too, eh? Yeah, it's like all dj-N other than Sidechain Your Heart showing up for me. haha.

Aye, I definitely tried for more paddy kinda action in this one, tried a more progressive style, relying more on backing chords than lead melodies so much. I do love funky leads but had a lotta fun doing slow automated progressions for this one.

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