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still alot of work to do on this but im loveing it so far! i know most people on ng are not looking for this style dont hate it just cos its not your fav type of music-.-
names for the song?
comments? :D
okay so i added a good 3 mins to it
canged alot of stuff still alot of work to be done !!! alot covers face

still nneeed to know wat needs to be done comments ;)

okay so this song maid it to best of the week XD
i find this funny cos this is my first time trying this style of music ^.^
thanks ng.
PS I love u all!

And sorry If you don't like this type of music

updated the song a bit added bass to the song eqed alot changed a few filters a bit added a tish more fade in and out, eq eq eqing the lvs are alot better now. dident change much lol just sounds better


Haardcore as a BAMF.

I like the fact that you're trying new arenas/genres of music. It's a very interesting, almost happy-hardcore mix. There's a lot of noise going on. It's almost industrial.

The glitches at 1:35 are AWESOME. I love how the kicks are just spazzing out. And then the rhythm from 1:45 onwards is very catchy, and the sample is manipulated very nicely and interestingly. At 2:30, the electric-guitar-type-synth comes in, and it starts to sound like a heavy-metal song. Again, the mashing together of song genres proves mind-bending.

It's very dissonant though. There's a lot of noise and randomness, which might be a staple of this genre, but it gets a bit out of hand at about the 3:15 mark. It doesn't really have much of a "groove" from that point on, if that's the word. I like the point from 3:50 on, but there's still too much intensity going on. There needs to be a quiet "epic strings" part, or something. That's what I feel it needs, at about the 3:15 mark.

Anyway, great production. Thanks for sharing!

RandomDanceOfHappy responds:

ahh 3 15 its a break down the grove from the parts before are like thin when you get to it its more like 1...2...3....4....1....2....3...4.12.
as for genres
on a hard kinda scale first you have hard style thin when you want it a bit harder you have hardcore. thin finely you get to a point to where its just hard and heavy distorted thats called gabber
gabber has more distorted kicks and more nasty samples

and what not so this is like a hardcore gabber song
i took alot of infulince from my band that i use to play in (china) guitar (i planed on doing that in person but there was to much feed back on the recording thing)
witch brings me back to the breakdown in my in a generic scremo song theres breakdown like such that have little to no grove but they work and everything as long as you have lots of bass :D
this is a hellstorm of generes being mixed
witch i love cos well lets face it this song stands out a bit more thin normal songs

Like your style a lot.

The chaos is entrancing. 0.0 But not enough chaos IMO.

Just to toss ideas out there, on top of your current bass line, you could have another bass line that's more pronounced and works with the melody. (I think that's called a Harmony in music theory, but w/e) Anyways, just an idea.


RandomDanceOfHappy responds:

ive learned alot more about bass since ive maid this i needa make the bass stronger but its hard to keep the kicks strong when theres alot of bass?
harmony is basicly when there not the same not but they sound good cos they make a new note . ie if you play to sounds 1 two steps higher it sounds good together. but i havent touched this song cos theres so much layers its really confuseing XD


Dance isn't normally my style, but I really like this. If the melody was on a different instrument it would remind me of some haunted house montage or something, lol. But the synths you used made it sound really unique and I really quite like it. I look forward to the finished product

RandomDanceOfHappy responds:

haha XD i make my own synths i think 2 are stock ,
and i cant wait for it to be done also ! :D
thanks for the comment!

awesomely respectable XD

Hey congradulations on making the top five, your song has a perfect beat, and i love the style. As I was listening i couldnt help but notice this would be perfect for madness combat right? lol nice song 10/10, 5/5

RandomDanceOfHappy responds:

i know right? XD thanks for ur comment! :D

CHAOS at its BEST!

Wow, this is so chaotic in my ears and I am loving it. Freaking loving it! Not even done yet and I still love it. This is my style of music. I want to use this in a video like now. Its so freaking awesome. I think your doing a really good job and please finish your project so I can steal it and use it in a video. lol I will give you credit for it. Any how, the build up for me was just right and the way it switches and, just my god your doing a fantastic job. Keep it up. Seriously, DO NOT STOP. Also, I think my earbuds orgasmed.

It really would go well in a Madness short. Its got that same feel as the Madness shorts. I vote it goes into the next Madness short! Yes from me for that happening.

RandomDanceOfHappy responds:

im glad you like it, not alot of people do ^.^ im takeing a break from this song atm so i dont burn out on it
but ill keep you upfated when i update iT!
it can only get better from here!

but yea it fits madness well! :D
thanks fer ur comment! ^.^

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