(ICTL) You Can Turn To Me

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Track 2 from my 2008 EP "I Choose to Love"

Download link here: http://www.newgrounds.com /bbs/topic/1254016


This is a nice track, really enjoyed the listen. The drums are crisp, with a good beat. Although the bass lines did seem very sparse the overall melody lines were cute and catchy enough to keep it me listening. Good job


Why am I not following you already? Your music is so incredibly fresh. A great breath of fresh air for Newgrounds. I've got my eye on your music feed man.

midimachine responds:

way too kind :>

glad to see my thread inspired a re-release! :D

The guy below is completely right about the Squarepusher feel. Even if you weren't aiming for that you still nailed it near-perfectly, if with a more Abominable Twitch-ey feel. But on to the step by step review itself:

The first 10 seconds didn't really impress. The drippy sound feels a bit, well, flat and monotonous. A little bit of panning/frequency alteration of that sound and maybe even some subdued, bassy FX in the back is a sure-fire way to grab the listener's attention and not give it that flat fruity loops block of sound vibe. However, things began to shape up as is per tradition of IDM and similar genres.

The 10-11 second introduces both the (OMG.ITS.SQUAREPUSHER) bass and the drums. I like, it kinda grabbed me by the balls and kept me enthralled like a good transition in this genre should. Again, minor criticisms about the sound quality of the snare *a bit tinny?*, but that's just the stupid audiophile in me speaking again. That little jump up a few octaves at 30 seconds is what makes me think so much of The Abominable Twitch'es IDM track "Long Day", hence the describing of the style as such way above.

Sweet transition at 30 secs. The frequency drop here works pretty well for transitioning the track into a bit more hectic bit. And, unlike the previous sections in the song - no qualms about audio quality! I'm also liking the fade-in of the reverb-drenched saw/square sine (or whatever that is) - it adds a lot of atmosphere to the track and serves as effective buildup to the most hectic bit of the track.

1:36 - SIGNATURE Squarepusher transition in terms of drums. Just look at Rotate Electrolyte at 1:36 and you'll see what I mean. Heck, even the drum pattern here reminds me of that track particular track and SP in general due to the generally chopped feel of the drums. Um, but less comparing and more review, eh?

I like the way you program drums, they sound absolutely crystalline in the overall mix and aren't as muddled in the atmosphere as the ones in my tracks are. I tip my hat off to you for that achievement. What you could do to make the drums pop out even more add some additional glitching and pan them - pan 'em GOOD! Panning is seriously crucial if you want things to feel even more hectic and immersive - just try making a song you like entirely mono through stereo settings in your DAW: boring, eh? Well, that's exactly how much better a track can be if you take a few hours/days to pan things in an exiting, intriguing manner. Regardless of me being a constructive criticism dusch, good job on that section in general!

As to 2:21 onward: I do like the saw/square sine thingy that reappears and adds to the vibe in addition to the acid melody in the back. It helps give the feel of a final climax and, like previous little gimmicks, assists the transition to the final fade out of the piece - something I could already tell was happening even without keeping an eye on the timer on the first listen.

So overall, in case the character-limit breaching review was TL;DR in your book: incorporate some more satisfying atmospheric climaxes (like a particularly epic string section in classical music) and pan the shit out of this track *especially 1:39 onwards* to ensure maximum listeners' satisfaction in terms of both concept - which IS really freakin' good here - and production - which is... FL studio-ey? A bit block-ey in terms of drums but otherwise well executed.

I'm going to give it a 8/10 and a 5/5 for the sake of countering, uh, zero-bombers and such. Good shit!

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midimachine responds:

whoooaaaa those are some words!

The tinny snare is just a cr-78 but I probably hpf'd a lot of the pop and body out of it.

I definitely neglected panning a lot in general back when I made this, though the 5th track is more well thought out in that regard (less well thought out in others though, maybe). Humanizing is often something I cbf with but I know I should just do it anyway

ANYWAY million thanks for the helpgul review, this is all stuff I need to keep in mind!

very cute

Love it, reminds me of the stuff Squarepusher was putting out before he went off the rails :).

I've only heard this on my laptop speakers, but the melody and the rhythm is awesome. Love two note bass/lead harmonies :). Like what you've done with the break at the end, and the little arpeggios in the background!

Awesome work man, looking forward to the EP!

midimachine responds:

thanks man! the thread about "hyper music" got me inspired to re-release this old stuff.

i need to do more of it cause i don't i've ever felt as happy about a bunch of my songs as i do these five.

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