DarkA-Bring PARAGON down(demo)

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I loveHis work,but i think it's time to show NG that he isn't the only one who makes music



So you want to become great too? Well then, you're gonna have to fight, and fight hard. If you want to be the best, you're gonna have to make it better than this. Some of your loops are slightly off. You've got great potential, but your songs are going to have to be top-notch.

Fight the power!

amen to that DJdarkangel!

Paragon is good and all that, but frankly I begin to get slightly pissed at how he seems to be the only one making DnB beats.

I am not that well versed in DnB, so I will give you my overal feel for the song, without suggesting anything.

The engine sounds you used were quite a neat twist to the song, however when I hear them, I think industrial music.

That saw that goes lowre and lower and lower, and then shoots up, that I really liked! I can hear a lot of effort in this song DJdarkangel, and i'm always happy to see somebody put so much effort into their pieces.

I hope one day you get recognized for the skill you have.

5/5 from me again, keep them coming ^^!

DJdarkangel responds:

Yeah :) i to admire his work but... he is being over commercialized (it's a word...What???...) and all the other ppl that make solid DnB (and there are alot here) get left behind, becouse all ppl know is paragon.


I myself love to make two or more genres come together, i'm a big fan of the idea, almost all of my songs have got something or other taken from a diffrent genre, couse if it's straigh foreword it's good... but it gets old.

Yeah this is acctualy one of my more massive profects, but it need serious work, as i said before mostly on EQ.

AMEN!!! :) i hope so too, 10x!!! *-* ^-^

I will :)
10x again

DarkAngel out...

Ah, violent distorted synths.

Gotta love them.
The song was good, great work on the drum diversity, but there was only one drum u used i didnt like.

It was a FL preset snare hit that you hit out of the middle of no where.
Change it, maybe?

Your use of filters is good, but...
Gets a tad bit annoying near the end.
Id like if used the filters only sometimes, then possibly switch to a solid main lead or something.

Great work, slow, and violent. 8D


PS check out my stuff sometime, eh?

DJdarkangel responds:

Hey :)
10x for the review :)

Hmm... about the snare... dont really know x.X
Maybe i accidently added it, i'll have to go back and review it, i'll have to anyway seeing as i'm going to work on a full version :)

All in all it needs MAJOR work, mostly on EQ. I just played it on my 5.1 and it sounded HORRIBLE!!

Yeah my idea is to have 2 main basses, this currantly has 1 so with 2 there wont be So much need for filters to make the song more diversile.

10x again for the review and the pointers :)

I will check them out :)

DarkAngel out...

Man not bad!

Audio / DJdarkangel

Thanks for your vote, Viewtiful-Masta! You voted 5 for DarkA-Bring PARAGON down(demo), keeping its score at 5.00.

I loved the drums you used! They're how so you say freaking V man! The congas kicked ass! That deep bass was an ass kicker! That nice choaz fell was nice to! Once it got to the good part it was just magnificent! Well I voted a V5 man! If you didn't notice just keep it a V5 man! I loved the way it faded out with a turn table scratch! Dude it just rocked man! I can't wait til the Final come out! The DEMO was a kick ass man! The break breat at the end was V man!

So Keep it V man!


DJdarkangel responds:

Hey wassup :)
I havent heard from you from a long time :)

Thanks for the charming review :)

You were the first to give me a review on my first song here :)

So you liked it a?

I thought that i would get flamed to hell by now :)

Anywayz :)

Thanks for the review man :)
I'll be sure to take a look at you work, i remember that i really like one of your songs :)

DarkAngel out...

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3.88 / 5.00

Feb 9, 2006
7:53 AM EST
Drum N Bass
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