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Party Rock Anthem (Dubstep)

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Author Comments

A Dubstep remix of the party rock anthem ( everyday Im Shuffling ) as people call it.. and just instrumental ( without the acapella ) let me know what you think :)


bad song to pick

You have great mixing skills. This is very good, but; however, hard to sing along or even bob your head to. I think that this song marrs your potential, because this song is not meant to be made into this type of song.

In the future, I think that you should use the same key as the song, and if not, then at least the same type of key (major, minor, etc.) [this song's key is F minor]

Also, in dubsteps, I RECCOMEND using your bass to a lower octave than you had it for part of the song.

A bit too unnatural sounding:

I wouldn't pay too much attention to low ranking reviews. They offered very little aside "What they didn't like". I'll do my best to avoid that.

00:00 - 00:26;

To me, this segment is successful in almost every way.

I like the quirky percussion, it provides this sort of "oom-pah" feeling that you just can't ignore.
However, many of the synths/pads sound distant. I'm not sure if that's a reverb thing or compositional thing - if it is a reverb thing, maybe bring down the wet/dry and decay. Or, you could try a bit of panning to make it stand out more. Nothing too drastic, just a tad left or right. Currently, they sound as if they're being played through a wall.
I would like to have heard a frequency filter placed on the chords to add a bit of a build for when the hi-hats roll in. It would've made the shift much more drastic and have a stronger impact.

00:26 - 00:41;

Absolutely flawless. The only thing I'd suggest is again, an extended frequency filter to make it the drop more powerful. The hi-hats were interesting, I liked the rhythmic placing.

00:41 - 01:08;

Did you sample "Party Rock" - or just re-write it? It becomes a bit confusing, to be honest. The only thing reminding me that this is a remix is the title.
Additionally, I feel the wobble should be a bit more dominant, and a bit richer. Some variation in melody (or perhaps the obligatory dance/dubstep samples) would have made this far more interesting. On it's own, it feels repetitive and a bit dragged - one can almost expect the shift to come next.

01:08 - 01:22;

This feels far too Trance like to be Dubstep. It's annoyingly repetitive and honestly uninteresting. Again, some variation or accents would've made this segment far more successful.

01:22 - 01:50;

Now THIS is what I'm talking about. Honestly, just perfect - I impatiently awaited for the drop to come. It's rhythmic, driving, and damn near flawless. I sincerely can't point out anything I dislike in here.

01:50 - 2:03;

And here's where I get disappointed. The drop was weak. Very weak. I understand without audio samples this is difficult to do, and, as this is only the premature drop, I can expect to be "left hanging" - however, as the intro drop, it's enough to make me lose interest, or expect much more in the "big drop". It essentially sets up the "big drop" - in character, sound, and impact. I'd suggest removing it completely, and having the prior sequence flow naturally with it.

02:03 - 02:37;

The synths have become a bit much. Some variation (perhaps intensified cross-fading) would've made it more successful.
The wobble sounded a bit distant. For the drop (and this is purely my opinion) I feel as though the wobble should be brutal, and in your face. Almost mocking you. Satirical, ridiculous, and abrupt: for me, this makes a fluent drop.
Additionally, the drop came almost unexpectedly. I wish there were a pause of nothingness - a beat or two - to make it more emphasized.
I did enjoy the wobble itself though, it varied well in timing and was seamlessly brought in to the original mix. Again, I only wish it were louder and a bit more brutal.

02:37 - 3:15;

Essentially a repeat of the section I enjoyed. May just be my poor ears, but I heard very little change. So I won't go too far into detail.
I did like the sound effect to wrap the whole thing up. Quite well done.

All in all, you have something with potential here. A bit of polishing, some editing, and a bit more time mastering and EQ'ing and this would be flawless. Maybe have a listen to other remixes, see what you can pick up, or what inspires you.

Well done - I'll be looking forward to other works by you.


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Dj-ReVeRsE responds:

Wow, This is the most detailed review I have ever seen.. took me at least 5 minutes to read, thank you for taking so much time to review and also you should maybe listen to my other songs because this is probably one of my worst songs.. I feel my response is too short but I don't know what else to say other than thanks & pretty much everything you said I do agree with..


I'm sorry to say this, but trying to remake a dance track to dubstep is a bit tedious, not just for the producer but also for the listeners here on NG. I do think that you could do a bit better then this, but whatever you sampled for the bass just sounds like faltulence. Sorry to say it.

Dj-ReVeRsE responds:

well, sorry, but I am only 15... I know I have a lot to learn about producing music and stuff.. And at the moment I'm just experimenting with different genres.. like dubstep and I'm maybe going to try hip hop sometime maybe.. I usually make trance and dance.. maybe I should just stick to them.. but as I said I'm just experimenting :)


Sorry man,i have to say that i realy dislike it :/
I don't know where to start,can't say that in words - in my opinion the sounds just don't fit together...I don't get the point of it... Sry.

Dj-ReVeRsE responds:

thanks for being honest... coulda at least tried to be a bit more helpful as to what i could have done better though? :P

Nice Work:D

good remix but i think all good dubstep songs should have atleast one sexy bass drop in it

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Dj-ReVeRsE responds:

haha, em yeah i pretty much just started trying to make dubstep... decided to try and make a song of every genre rather than just trance all the time :P... so yeah i did try to make a drop... im sure if i worked at it for a while id get there xD

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4.31 / 5.00

Jun 10, 2011
5:22 PM EDT
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3.7 MB
3 min 15 sec

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