Pokemon Party

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I tried to create what I imagined would play at a party in the Pokemon universe.

This song was made entirely on my original 1989 Gameboy using LSDJ

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When I first heard the song I was like "Hmm, slight ear rape." Then I read the description and I was like holy crap, somebody's been circuit bending some shit.
You did a good job with this one, especially with the authentic 8-bit tunes, keep up the good work.

Enjoyable, yet predictable.

Thanks for sending this song my way, and as you requested, I'm gonna review it. DEEP BREATH.

Right from the start, I'm impressed by the fact that this is LSDJ and not some 'cheaptune' software on the computer. I like the idea and can imagine a bunch of pikachus and squirtles bouncing around as they do to it, but it's repetitive and a tad bit of a chore to get through without much progression or change in the song; you need work on that.

Your instrumentation is top-notch though, and that's really good. I don't know how hard it is to work with LSDJ, but I trust that it's easy to pick up, hard to master. Is that about right?

Anyway, I got an odd sensation from this song that was not sure if good or bad, because it caught me off guard and was so cutesy I felt embarrassed to listen to it. Oh well. 8/10, 5/5 because I vote 5 on every thing.

Croire responds:

Haha Thanks so much! Yeah, a LOT of people pick up LSDJ but drop it FAST becaus Trackers have a pretty steep learning curve.

I'm working on giving my songs more variety in their progression so they aren't so repetitive and yeah I can see you getting a little embarassesd listening to it lol, my friend described it as "Cutesy as shit" lol

Thank you!

Very digital

When it starts it makes me think of a phone call to be honest with you. I assume you were trying to make glitch sound fit into it, if you were you didn't do half bad a job. But the sounds are a little repetitive. The low snyth is almost perfect, I just think its kinda quiet, increasing its volume might make the song have more variety.

Now, I think you could remake this into a trance song.
High upbeat trance would go perfect into this I think.
but its your song, you like it 8-bit - keep it that way.

By the way - I'm not apart of the RRC, just to let you know...

Croire responds:

Thank you so very much for te critique! I'll make sure to work on the low synth levels!!!

Fun, repetitive

When the beginning notes chimed in, the image of an alarm ringing came to mind. I can see a character waking up and jumping out of bed with this big, silly grin as he prepares for the day ahead. Life is bright and whimsical like much of the Pokemon universe. Life is a party!

For the description that you provided, the music fits quite well and gets that general party feel across. I love how you come in with a single ringing tone, introduce a flamboyant melodic line, gradually bring in percussion, and build the texture at the beginning. That approach creates a very catchy feel and demand for listener attention. The composition following is catchy and fun.

There are some notable weak points, however. The "alarm" sound at the beginning continues through the entire piece and becomes a bit grating on my ears after a while. Additionally, the same phrase is repeated over and over for around two minutes, and that can lose the interest of your audience.

First, try bringing the melody line up dynamically to set it apart in the mix. Pull the other elements down some. Primarily around :48. This will make the sound a little less muddy. Also, try introducing some contrasting material to change things up. Different harmonies, varied percussive lines, lose the alarm sound for a bit, etc. I liked how you dropped many instruments around 2:36 (though it was a bit sudden). Do more things like that to get away from that same sound that sustains through the piece.

Good job on this; it is catchy and very fun. The syncopated rhythms draw me in. Find ways to create more contrast though, and use more types of musical texture. Keep it up!

Croire responds:

Holy crap tis gave me the biggest smile!!!! Definitely taking your tips to heart!!

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Jun 7, 2011
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