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If evil is to be conquered, a hero must rise... And where evil is slain, legends are born. Your journey has brought you further than you ever dreamed possible. Push the limits of your power and carve your place into history!
Should give a desperate yet heroic feel. I finally found a decent electric guitar plugin to use. :)
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Pretty neat

Reminds me of an epic fight in a Japanese RPG game. Truly fits the title.

The bassline is very cool, I love the sample you're using, really keeps the melody up. Same goes for the simple, albeit good, rhythmics section. They're a tad repetitive after a while, could do with some mixing up.

The song probably loops just fine. I get a split second of silence between the end and the beginning, but that might very well just be my internet or Newgrounds' fault.

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MeteorManMike responds:

Awesome, epic fight is what I was aiming for! I admit that it is a bit repetitive, I just didn't know what more I could do with it. The loop break was probably just NG, I made dang certain that it looped properly. Thanks for reviewing!

Found it good

I didn't really think the guitar ruined it.

Reading the comments before listening, I thought the guitar was horrible...but I have to disagree.

Sounds smooth with it, a bit of work needs to be done near the end. I found the beats too clustered together.
Good job!
/ \
/ \
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MeteorManMike responds:

I knew from the start that looping to the rising strings would be difficult. I wouldn't have to worry about it if I could figure how to loop from a certain point (0:07) in my programming.

Someone else likes the guitar. Matter of personal preference...? I'll have to ponder that for next time...

Thanks for reviewing!

Guitar :C

This song would sound a lot better had you left out the guitar actually. I think this piece can suffice without it, you got everything needed for a great boss tune.

Guitar just kind of kills it.

The synth sounds great here and I like the rhythm it keeps up with providing as well. It kind of emphasizes that this could be the last battle you will ever have too.

The bass sounds very nicely worked here and is a good backbone. The drums sound quite epic as if the boss was incredibly difficult.

Overall, just remove the guitar and it sounds great.

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MeteorManMike responds:

Some mixed reviews about the guitar... It continues to elude me. I'm thinking maybe just a different guitar? Another instrument entirely? It seems kind of empty without it, especially the beginning. I'll figure something out. Thanks for the review!

Guitar ruins it

Well, you're definitely being consistent in your work. As always, it loops perfectly well and delivers the urgent RPG vibe. As always, the strings properly line the piece with emotion and purpose. The percussions and bass are also fine and swell and usual.

The main, and only problem with this piece however, is the guitar sound. It's way too thin and fake sounding. It sounds like monotonous white noise. It needs more mids and bass. The purpose of having a guitar in here is to add a layer of sonic texture, but it gets chewed out by the string ensembles. So either remove the guitar or beef it up. Yeah.

Great piece.

MeteorManMike responds:

The guitar was indeed giving me fits. It doesn't behave like any of my other plugins, guess I just have to study up on it. At least I got the drums right for once :P
Thanks for reviewing! I'll play with the plugin some more before posting with it again.

Missing something, but still amazing.

It'd be a GREAT piece for some sort of RPG. I'm seriously in love with this, and it loops REALLY well. The one thing it's "missing" for me though, is that it needs a bit of extra "umph."

Perhaps add a new part near 00:52 that hasn't been heard before, since you're using a lot of the same keys. Or, simply add an extra layer for when 1:06 comes, like adding a direct harmony to the melody to give it a more fulfilling "epic" feel. Since the sounds used for the melody at that part are so smooth, it needs a bit of something extra to hook the listeners. (Sorry, I don't know fancy musical phrases D:) That's it, really. Just make that one part at 1:10 feel more epic, and you'll have a perfect score. This is a well done piece :)

I really like how you used a rough guitar sound to contrast the overall smooth feel of it, too.

*adds to favorites*

MeteorManMike responds:

Yay, I got a favorite! XD
I'm glad you think this would work for an RPG, I'm planning for it to be a boss theme if I ever produce my game. Maybe if I decide to lengthen it/rework it, I could give it that... extra "umph". There's actually an arpeggiating brass at 0:52, I turned it down so it wouldn't freak out my processor... A little too much I guess... But thanks for the awesome review and I'm glad you liked it!

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Jun 5, 2011
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