KKS - Sunset Rain

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Heyo, this is an "atmospheric drum'n'bass" experiment, as some would like to call.
I particularly love this style and I truly enjoy gentle rushing dnb layers together with either slow pads or jazzy/groovy rhodes chords.
Well, this is more ambient than jazzy and since it's the first time I actually like an experiment like this which didn't turn out horrible but it's half decent, any criticism is truly well accepted.
Go on Newgrounds, hit me with everything you got, I rely on your superb and marvelous trolling skills. XD
Just kidding... not. Seriously though, I'd rather have hundreds of reviews/comments instead of jerky zero-bombed scores (well, I couldn't care less but... you know...).

A'ight, so... enjoy =D


I will explain the 10 .

Yes, we all have faults in our music, some more prominent, than others, due to the different pespectives each individual cradles within their collective consciousness .
I believe that due to the fact I have known this composer through messenger for a long time, and to hear such a different style nearly blowing me away on his first attempt, defeats the irritance of all minor mistakes he has made through composing this rather incredible piece .

I tip off my hat to you Claudio, this is an attempt that has showed me that just making that leap into a goal can really just be a doorway away from success .

Well done ! I never knew you had this style in you, and I do indeed look foward to more of this . Keep at it, and those measly numbers below me, will become oblivious to your potential .

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KKSlider60 responds:

You make me blush *blushes* :3
Thank you very much bro ^^ And yes, everything is relative and left to opinions. The potential is there, ready to be unleashed, it will just be a matter of time and focus (and sweat).

Well this was interesting!

Your hihats in the back sound absolutely fantastic, and the bass and ambience in the back mesh together very well along with them. I'm not not a fan of the snare and soft-kick drum IMO, they sound pretty weak in the mix and detract slightly from that amazing high-pitched stuff going on in the back (which REALLY reminds me of "Amon Tobin - Back To Space"). Actually, the whole things sounds just a wee bit reminiscient of Tobin's jazzy jungle stuff off Bricolage, was this perhaps influenced by that?

Anyways, I would recommend doing is varying the chords in the back more and getting rid of the overly soft snare and kick. I do like the ambient fadeout at the end, that's a keeper for sure. And that's all.

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KKSlider60 responds:

Never heard of Amon Tobin, I guess he's quite a character in dnb? Gotta check him out.
Anyway, I agree that the choice of drums was below decent, and that's probably a valuable lesson for future tracks. Maybe it's not just a mere volume fact, rather, in terms of sound it doesn't communicate much to the listener when compared to the whole soundscape.

Thanks for your review man, much appreciated ;D

I enjoyed it

It has some good potential. I enjoyed most of the sounds you used and all the transitions were done perfectly. The strings were also very nice. If theres any constructive criticism I can give, It be to pump up the drums (in terms of volume and clarity).

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KKSlider60 responds:

I guess I should work more on automations too, I originally wanted more dynamic drums actually.
Thanks for your comment :D

um okay

the ohhhhh weeeeeeeee sound is really annoying and yeah thats why i gave you 6/10 because im nice and it becomes okay at the end

KKSlider60 responds:

Lol, okay, thanks for being nice XD

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May 30, 2011
4:13 PM EDT
Drum N Bass
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