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A piece I've been working on whenever I happen to get the time.
It's still a WIP, so comments/suggestions are much appreciated!
I'm not too sure about the genre (dance?) so any thoughts about that would be awesome too.
Drop is around 2:30


From the top:

The atmosphere of this piece is really great even at the very start. Kinda Chinese/Japanese-city-in-the-mist-and -clouds-esque. The beat at the very beginning up until about 15 seconds in turned me off, though, as the standard techno beat is really not my cup of tea.

The synths come in very smoothly and contrast nicely with the more realistic-sounding instruments - a rarity in most electronic music nowadays. I don't have much to say up until 1:30 though due to my inexperience regarding this genre, but wow that bit works well before the drop.

The drop itself needs some more oomph at the bit starting at 2:29 - maybe a short bit of high-pass filtering or a volume decrease to help it contrast with the intensely uplift\ing bit following it. One qualm I do have is about the kick post-drop: it feels very compressed even though it may not be. If that's a modified clap you stuck on there make it sound just a bit clearer so it doesn't sound like the track is clipping.

Oh yeah, and the part at 3:18 could have been extended and made into a second, even more intense drop or made into an epic crescendo with some clear, melodic high-hats stuck in there for good measure.

If this is what you consider a WIP then I applaud you for the anthemic feel of it. The preceding ideas were just my supa-critical two cents and you may disregard them entirely if you want. Oh yeah, and this was also listened to on mid to high quality speakers + small sub, in case that matters and I'm missing something due to the setup.

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BananananaFofana responds:

First off, thanks very much for the detailed and helpful review! I really appreciate you taking the time to give me a really good idea of how you feel about the piece. Secondly, I fully agree with you on the initial beat being somewhat dull. It's what I initially started with when I began the piece, and, being a more melody-oriented person, I neglected it but will certainly mix it up a bit for the final version. That'll probably also make the change into the dance genre necessary for the next version of it, which works well with the other changes I plan to make, which are, as you suggested, making the drop "harder", making the kick less compressed (you are right, it is pretty compressed), cutting down the length of the intro, and extending that bit at the end and maybe adding some wobble to that bass. I also like the idea of turning that into a second drop, although I think it'll need roughly a minute long break in between the two.
Thanks again!

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May 30, 2011
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