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This is about a year old now, but seeing as I'm uploading stuff I thought why not put it up? This was a little rap I made when revising for French in school. Interestingly though, I barely wrote any of this. Other than the odd connecting word for the purposes of rhymage, it was about 95% taken from my French Vocab notes. Literally in this order. Kick-ass, no?

Done in one take, except for one mess up somewhere in the long paragraph, and again at C'est nécessaire, which is REALLY hard to say in a french accent in the middle of a sentence.


Côté is next to
Entre in between
Espére is hope
and Coin is corner
Une Chose is thing,
Truc is also thing
Vieux, Vieille and Vieil mean old.

Voir is to see,
Sortir to go out,
Plustard is later,
and Quartier is district
Vaches is cow,
Champs is fields,
Toujours is always
and Quitter to leave!

Attirer to attract,
Triste is sad,
En fait is a fact
and sympa is nice.
Même is even,
Si is if,
But si is also yes to a negative question!

Se Retrouver to meet
Faire la fête to have a good time,
Devenir to become
and Où is where?

îles is an island
Environ about
Siècle is century
and marins are sailors
Connaître to know,
Font is made,
Lagons is lagoon
Par contre on the other hand
Savoir to know,
Depuis is since
Les huîtres are oysters
Je Vis to live,
Vers is about,
Cette is this,
Coudre to sew
and Crée create.
Tout d'Abord first of all...
Actually, I should have started with that...

Alright, let's review, Côté means next to
And we have seen that Entre is in between
Espére is hope, Coin is corner
Chose and Truc both mean thing, I think that's fair

And now for some new vocabulary,
Grâce à is thanks to, Nécessaire necessary
You want an example I'll give you one;
C'est nécessaire pour moi to finish this song!


you had me at cote is next to

and then a thing is also thing got me hooked! very funny man good post

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