Dry County

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Just a short suitable for wild west deserty-type scenes.


Good but much to light

This song would have been so much better if you had gone with a faster paced heavy beat.

Too dark for poor me ^^.

k quick note before the real review, yeah upon closer hearing of Village Harvest there WAS indeed a flute, so I am horribly ashamed at having not heard it. (Guess I was too caught up with the melody ^^)

Anyways, nuff with tat, ONTO THE REVIEW!

I don't think this is a good wild west deserty type scene, its far too dark for that. This is something to play in the sahara desert, and a man is walking, dragging himself along, and he sees dark figures following him, always too far to really hurt him, but close enough to drive him to insanity.

The subtle, yet almost random plucks and other effects just MADE the piece, the dark arse strings in the background only added to that flavour.

I would have loved to hear a rattle in there, you've got shacker, bass kick, plucking, but no rattle (and don't say there is one, SO HELP ME GOD GRUMBLE!)

Extremely usable in any flash, and truly the dry country of death looms heavy in the summer ^^.

Grumbleduke responds:

OK so maybe not quite western, more Arizona. I'm English, any American desert is wild west to me :). I still see tumbleweeds and sidewinders (wait aren't sidewinders Saharan? D'oh!)

As for random plucks you are pretty much correct; I paid no attention really to time signature until the end to round it off

There is a rattle. Bar 7 beat 3 then bar 23 beat 1. OK so I lied. No rattle but there is an egg shaker; suppose it doesn't really count though. I tried using one of those latin samba things, don't know the name, with a block you hit one end and a horn-like thing at the other, but it really didn't work.

I like the guitar.

It's an ok song to me. The flute intro i liked alot, the guitar too, but the harp melody kind of removed to that "western" theme you want. It felt to me like the desert vs. the ice cave.

It still builds a great suspense/atmosphere. Good work.

P.S. I don't have any connections :(

Grumbleduke responds:

Funny really, the harp is actually the same guitar, just 2 octaves up with modulating pan. OK I admit with two people saying it's not wild western I wrote the description wrong; I should have left it at just "deserty-type scenes", which makes a lot more sense.

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Feb 4, 2006
10:28 PM EST
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