Enteroar - Escapade To Mars

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I've spent several weeks trying to master/ mix this track to its fullest extent. I kinda went back to my roots, haha...Happy hardcore ftw? messed around a lot with chords are stuffff. 70% of the instruments are 3xosc, v-station, and massive :) I love massive, it's a great sound engine maker thingy. Enjoy! Please rate/comment/download/fav orite.
Thanksss :)


Crazy nice

Oh wow :D The beat in this just makes me smile! I love this so much! <3<3 It feels like there is a story behind it, and it's just wonderful. Gahhh :D

I don't know if I could ask this here, but I was wondering if I could use it as background music to a speedpaint I am working on? I would give full credit, obviously... ;n;

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Enteroar responds:

Thanks for the review! It feels like journey to somewhere with a person you really like hanging out with to me haha.
Sure!! Go for I'd love it. I like it when people use my songs. :)
Thanks again.


This song makes mars seem like a fun place o.o

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Enteroar responds:

Haha, I know right, even though youd die instantly lol. Thanks for the review :)

Not bad!

Not bad at all! This same happy feeling as some other songs.
I like this, makes day much better.
I'd like it to be longer, but it's fine as it is.

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Enteroar responds:

thank you :)


this is really great! i think that there are a few small details that could use some work. nothing that really has to be done though, just a few things that i thought would sound cool lol.

1. intro: i like your intro a lot! nothing really needs to be done here.

2. i think that if you were to have a nice pad fade in at 0:21 it would add some more atmosphere to this song

3.this is going at about 155-160 BPM im guessing. i think that since this is happy hardcore that it might be better if the BPM were 170 to 175 or higher. remember that the faster the song is, the shorter it becomes.

other than that, this is great! I can see this being used in a video game lol

5/5 10/10 great work! ;D


P.S the name "Escapade To Mars" fits this song perfectly :)

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Enteroar responds:

i agree the pad is weak. thanks, Ill work on the bad :) and youre right about this tempo. :P its 155 i think. if i speed it up anymore, it sounds silly lol. thanks for the great review!


This has a neat sound to it. Not as catchy as others you've made, but still catchy haha.

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Enteroar responds:

Really? D: I thought the 2nd melody is pretty catchy :P oh well, thanks for the review. :)

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