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I try to make something evil, but alas, everything must have a silver lining.

Intro: Denial --> Acceptance
"A" Section: There must a way out of this -- right?
"B" Section: Racing thoughts (picture someone laughing maniacally).
2nd "A" Section: Increased instability -- I'm hearing voices in my head now...
2nd "B" Section: Pitch bending lead to intensify feelings.
Solo: Really losing it here...
"C" Section: Intense hallucinations (almost pleasant?)
Outro: Chill out mate, you're not like that...yet.

I'm pleased with the overall clarity of the mix in this piece, but maybe I'm just gooooooing craaaaazy mwahahahaha....

...nah, probably that first thing.



Dark and gloomy

Heh, I like how this tune goes actually. It is almost as it starts out you begin to question things and as things go along you begin to lose any and all sanity and end up in a straight jacket out of fear of what might happen if you don't.

The trumpets give a dark twisted taste to this song and cause you to feel odd. The drums are very light and funny as if trying to add in some slapstick to the mix to screw with you. The dark quick breathing sound hear from time to time make you feel odd.

Enjoyed when it turned completely electro since that sounds like something straight out of Portal actually along with the weird dark screech like sounds that come in later.

Then everything goes back to average for a moment as you try to remember who and where you are but you don't even know in the slightest anymore and your sanity is almost completely gone.

Overall, good song about sanity.

Review Request Club

Birdinator99 responds:

lol, that last sentence made my day. I'm glad it worked for you!

Odd is a weird thing to feel when listening to a song in my opinion, but I suppose it's appropriate here.

FUN FACT: I did not use trumpets! Say what?!?!

Must be the strings or something -- I really don't know.

Also, being compared to Portal is neat; I love those games.

Thanks for the review!


This is really awesome :D. I can easily feel the atmosphere that you wrote in the Author's Comments and the sounds you chose/melodies you created really fit well with the overall feel of the track. There are some transitional issues between the sections, but that's not too much of a problem. Overall, this is well-made!

There's not much I can add to DonCarrera's review (so this is how the other RRC members must feel after reviewing a track after I reviewed it with a large review...). The first thing I noticed was the way you incorporated cheesy/generic elements such as the typical suspense strings you hear in a movie score, or the typical pleasant sound you get from a piano solo, but yet you add your own unique sounds such as the weird effects and pitch-bending. It really does make for a unique, cool track.

I'll also comment on how good the intro and outro were. Well, maybe the intro was quite generic, but I do think that the part at 0:30 was a great way to get things going. The ending was great too. Nice work there :D.

Additionally I love the effects you did, especially the pitch bending effects. That pitch bending you did on the background strings just sounds so odd and unnatural, making it fit perfectly with the theme. The pitch bending on the synth at 2:19 was equally weird and fitting.

Quick note about the drums: they actually flow really well. They sound so perfect in this track that at times I didn't even notice they were there. So yeah, great job there too.

Now for my one complaint. Some of the transitions were good, but others have quite a bit of room for improvement, especially the ones at 2:32 and 3:10. They sound like you ended one song and started another. Most of the time the transitions were smooth, but some other times they could use work, which is the main reason why I gave you a 9.

Other than the transitions issue, this track is really cool. You mixed generic horror and suspense perfectly with odd and disturbing effects to create an atmosphere of insanity. Keep up the good work.

-Review Request Club-

Birdinator99 responds:

Looking back on this track, I really don't like the transitions -- and being cheesy isn't always a good thing!


It seems the pitch bending was a success -- yay!

Bad intros are bad D:

I'm quite pleased with the drums -- a little echo here, a little echo there, etc... seemed to work well in a "frantic" atmosphere. If I can get the overall theme of the piece working for me, then all is well.

Except all those bad things!

I wasn't trying to be generic, but it does totally come off that way. Uh-oh.


I love the huge reviews you do, dude. Thanks for stopping by again!

All of the sections work together

When listening to things like this, I usually find a part that seems just completely awkward.

But with this, I can sense that all of the parts you've used make it as one, and not as a lot of small snippets smashed together. Theres' really nothing I could suggest to you, really.

Good job!

Review Request Club <(@.@)^

Birdinator99 responds:

That's really interesting, because that was my biggest flaw when I started composing -- I had all these great ideas, but they didn't work together, so my songs sounded like 2 or 3 different songs!

Actually, I still do that once in a while -_- but I'm trying to get better.

Thanks for the kind words!

Haha, yeah!

Alright, from the tip of the iceberg:

The first 30 seconds didn't really do much for me. The strings sound pretty MIDI and cheesy at first, as if imitating the generic horror feel. Thankfully, it turned out to just be a decent prelude to the melodic brilliance that ensued. The shakers from 0:30 to 1:00 work well in conjunction with the bass, really interesting strings, and reverb-laden (although a bit unchanging) creepy noise in the back. It doesn't really remind me so much here of going insane as an old movie score for a scene where some sort of evil force is preparing to launch an assault and... etc. Hence the pseudo, I guess.

Not sure how I initially felt about the break at 1:02 (80s/90s drum break? Heh) or the part that followed it for a a few measures, but it worked well as a transition in retrospect and flowed flawlessly into the amazing strings again. Like the additions of what sounds like the ham radio-beeps in my native DAW.

Proper transition at 1:51, you could tell that shit was about to go down. The pitchbending is fantastic here - creepy but dark and rockin'! Then comes the solo - a drastic change, I mean, whoa. You could of even made it last a few measures longer to make the listener panic a bit (dem strings :D), it seems to fade away too quickly.

Here comes the transition to ultra-flanged, high-quality piano laden trippyness. Its good. Reminds me a lot of The Flashbulb - Color Tree in that overly flanged, trippy sorta way. Well, it is maybe just a bit overly flanged to the point that it doesn't transition all that well to the part at the end (or calming down bit). The silence could've dragged on for a bar or two to emphasize the end - which was properly executed with more happy instruments/(rides? I don't know instrument names by heart!) and an amazing string section that helped make it feel more satisfying/happy.

So yeah, your description pretty much nails what I would've thought this was trying to convey, save for some bits. Minor quality flubs aside: great song, amazing melody (!!!), and one of the best vibe-creators on Newgrounds. Hell yes, two thumbs up, and rock on.

5/5, 9/10 -

Review Request Club !

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Birdinator99 responds:

Big review yay!

I am so ashamed of my string collection lol -- you got me there.

They're not radio beeps -- it's some crazy-ass pad I've got in my keyboard!

Glad you liked the pitch bending stuff.

You have no idea how flanged the rumbling bass at 2:50 was (too much perhaps haha).

And finally, yes, that is a ride right at the end there!

Really glad you liked it overall, but there are an infinite number of people better than me on this site for sure. I still appreciate the two thumbs up :D lol

Thanks for the super-awesome review!


This is so awesome

I seriously have nothing to say about this. It's just great.

Birdinator99 responds:

If you have nothing to say, why did you say it was awesome and great?!?!


Thanks for listening!

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