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Living and Dying

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Author Comments

I made this, just felt like making something deep.


Random to me.

I wasn't sure what to expect next from this, since it had a lot of mixed in drums in beats. It wasn't particularly a good thing or a bad thing really, I like being lost in music to an extent.

I can see the title relating to the actual thing, but, for some reason, I feel as if this whole thing didn't flow all the way through, but did have some flow in it.

Review Request Club <(@.@)^

Musically it doesn't make much sense...

Sorry man, I can't give this that much of a high score. It really doesn't make that much sense musically and I don't see it as emotional, atmospheric, or particularly enjoyable either.

Like I said, this track doesn't make any sense. Sounds come in almost randomly and don't fit with each other at all. I don't see why you think it sounds deep or why you think it has anything to do with life or death because I see it as a mixture of sounds and instruments which may sound alright in the right context but mixed with each other in this track they don't sound good.

The drums aren't even your own original work. I've heard those drum loops used in many other submissions. Maybe this is why they don't seem to fit well like the other reviewers pointed out.

Sorry for the harsh comments but I think this needs a lot of improvement before it can be enjoyable. Try and make your sounds fit with each other more. For example, that weird wailing sound that begins fading in at 1:13-ish really sounds out of place and then it suddenly stops playing a few seconds afterwards making the listener think 'what was that? :S'. That sound at 2:03 also doesn't fit at all either. I just don't see a reason why you should keep those sounds there.

Melodically this doesn't have much worth to it either. It's just the same chords repeated throughout the track layered with some unfitting drums and absurd effects. I really think you should try and write some more melodies to give the piece some variety and meaning to it.

I think the only thing which really stands out as good in this track would be the transitions, which aren't too bad. There were some abrupt/weird ones, but some others (especially the one at 0:35 - the vocal sample was a nice touch) were pretty well done.

Overall, I suppose this does sound unique, but it doesn't have that much of a meaning to it, if you get what I'm trying to say. I can't say I enjoyed it and I can't say that it'll be easy to improve it either, but everyone starts somewhere and practice makes perfect. Good luck in improving your tracks!

-Review Request Club-


I thought this started well with the voice and the ambient keystrokes on the piano. When the drums kick in however it seems to be unfitting sadly. I think if you swapped out those drums for a slower drum beat then it would sound a lot better since speedy drums to a slow and sad song is rather unfitting.

The ambiance of the piano and the deep howling sounds make this sound pretty sad. However the drums cancel it out for the most part as they stay at a faster speed for most of the song. The metal grinding sound was also a very nice feel as if someone was dying or falling to their death in very slow motion.

Overall, alright, just use a slower drum setting.

Review Request Club

Immortalrabbit responds:

The fast drums are there for a reason. Living isn't sad. Drums get slower at the end.

Loses beat when the drums kick in

I get the feeling that you just threw a bunch of loops together over a recording of you trodding away on the piano, but I'll try to ignore that...

Anyways, the introduction led me to believe that this was either to turn into a meaningful ballad about a man's sad life, with the piano growing more complex as the song progressed, or it'd turn into a song ridden with obnoxious drums and beats. Sadly, this turned out to be the latter.

Anyways, as I said, the piano sort of sounded lost when everything else came barging in. It's like the meter changed completely. Now, that's not a bad thing, but in the context of this song, it is. It's like when you're driving and there's a ledge on the road about a couple inches high, so when you go over it you get bumped a bit, and a bit annoyed, but no real damage is done. Try keeping the flow you established in the beginning throughout the entire piece, maybe?

And another thing, this felt pretty much like a collage of loops, blips and samples. That's not a bad thing either, but you can't go around doing this forever. Unless you're Girl Talk, or Daft Punk which you're not. You're you, and as a creator of music, you need to actually do things to what you're working with. Introduce melodies and harmonies in the piece. Diversify. Complicate. Stuff like that.

Anyway overall, the song is alright, I guess. The vocal samples were a nice touch.

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Credits & Info

3.67 / 5.00

May 25, 2011
8:39 PM EDT
File Info
6.4 MB
2 min 48 sec

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