Ambient Expressions

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(May 24)EDIT: Took out the piano since it didn't fit in well.
Imagine it's night time in the summer. About 8 P.M. with a purple sky & a nice orange sun. You have a beautiful breeze bringing you to the temperature of 60 degrees & you're sitting on your comfy patio chair. You have a soda with you and you're just enjoying nature & the beauty of it. Your playing this song on your small CD Playing Boombox & some lighting bugs come out, making the air look so nice & shining. And then all of a sudden you just notice the sky is dark blue & the lightning bugs are all in your backyard. Your amazed of the amount of them and keep jamming to this song with the lightning bugs. Then the song ends & you end up being more tired then you expected. A lightning bug goes on to your arm & flies away. You go inside, get a glass of milk & a cookie, put on whatever your PJ's are for the summer, & soundly go to sleep.

I actually think for every jazz song I make that I'm gonna make up one of these long, descriptive settings cuz it helps create an image plus this is what I 1st think while I'm makin' the song. So, the title has the word ambient in it, but it's not ambient genre. It's not so much about genre & havin' this be jazz, it's more of the mood it creates to what makes the final point of your song. Anyways, this is more of a midnight jazz song that I made. My last jazz song was more of a morning time setting, if you've heard it. I thought I did just a little better with this one cuz I don't know why, but I fell more into this one. Pleez rate, review, download, & enjoy!!!



Liked it allot, but I think that you could add plenty more patterns of different sounds onto this to make it a little less repetitive. I could picture a sax and some other orchestral sounds, maybe even a choir... Keep it up.

Stavier responds:

I agree with you. I tried even adding a piano, but for some reason it just didn't come out right. Thanx for the review!!!


Wowza' that was awsome! Love it!

Stavier responds:

Glad you liked it. Ambient jazz is apprently possible :)


This feels like a jungle type song for some reason. maybe it's just me. This got me nodding. Idk, but it kinda feels like somethin's missing. Maybe not missing...I really don't know anymore.

anyway, keep it up.

Stavier responds:

I do see what you mean by jungle. Like a nightime thing in the jungle. The thing is that with my jazz songs I like to make a scenery that's more likely to happen then bein' in the jungle at night :D I know what you mean by missin' somethin'. I kinda feel that way to. I tried addin' a piano, but it didn't work for this song. Thanx for the review!


The only thing I would tell ya is to have more of your quick parts in it and lose the piano, it really dropped the song into pieces and killed the songs mood. Other then those issues, it was pretty good.

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Stavier responds:

Yeah, I really wasn't sure about the piano either so I'll get rid of that. Thanx for the advice!

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May 23, 2011
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