(CHS) Melancholy City, Aether

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The" Melancholy City Of Aether" is known to many as the "City Of Thieves" and It got the title "melancholy" due to them. It just so happens that many visitors, better yet... victims, that come though this town leave completely deprived of all goods they may have had upon entry. In this city it's a dog eat, dog world and only the most cunning can count himself amongst the few to ever leave Aether with pockets untouched.

Due to the vast amount of bounty gained through theft and piracy, Aether has some of the best wares in its possession. Although, having enough cash to purchase one is a hassle on own, seeing how most of the shop keepers are thieves themselves and jack the prices up in hopes to further fill their own pockets. Don't get your hopes down though, because there are some honest shop keepers in Aether but...their wears are a little outdated, so don't expect to get the next big thing from these shops.

The "City Of Aether" is full of prosperous thieves but the city itself is truly a rundown dump. The law enforcement in Aether is corrupt and does not care about anything except for them selves. As long as they get a cut of the stolen bounty they don't lift a hand. So don't expect any help when you find yourself in a bind.

Also, if you enjoyed this piece, then i'm more than sure that you will love my other songs titled, "City Of Aurora", "Lost City Of Genesis", "Snow Valley Of Clera", "Azure Cave", and "City Of Ezra". Be sure to check them out!


i have a theory

its about how you arrange your pieces. you start out with a basic rhythm, then you either add another element(instrument) or you make a slight change to one of the original elements. am i close?
I notice a certain lack-of "true" low beefy baseline in this music, although i did hear a low voice at some parts. But i would have to say that it fits with the city itself. with a city of thieves if one is to survive and prosper, you can not be slow, or present a large target to others. Thieves are naturally quick, fast and light on their feet, as is this song- so to speak lol i enjoyed it. 9/10 5/5
P.S. its alittle lacking in some areas. Like its shallow somehow. its odd, the elements come together very nicely but it lacks depth. then again its only a loop and not a song like ur other pieces. still good

ChaosDragon004 responds:

Yeah, I know what you mean. It does have a shallow feel to it, where it seems to lack depth. Yes, that is a true issue with this piece that I could not fix. I believe the problem lies in the mastery of the piece. Just recently, I believe to have found a fix to this problem, but we'll see. Thanks for the honest words, these re the reviews I cherish the most.


All the "city" songs are pretty good.
...I guess all your songs are pretty good!


ChaosDragon004 responds:

That's what I like to hear lol. That's whats most important on a game, the music has to hit home. Well, thats how I feel anyways.

the dragon never dissipoints

and this is no exception

ChaosDragon004 responds:

Thanks alot bro

City of theives huh?

The strings and choir come in nice. Of all sounds Strings happen to be my favorite! I like the beat the xylophone makes with the constant octave drop, and jump. The song is catchy, the rythmn continues to pull the listener in. It is definately a good choice of music for a town like scape in a video game. I love it!

Love it

Great song ^^ I love the build up from the beginning to the end. When I draw I like to listen to music to get ideas, this song was very inspiring for me.

ChaosDragon004 responds:

Hey, thanks alot. Im glad that I was able to do that for you. Thanks again.

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May 21, 2011
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