MS: Slime Tree 8 Bit Remix

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I know I really old wizard who would be proud.

That was AWESOME.
Back then, us bowmen would grind and grind and grind,
Now you can get to level 30 in an hour.
Still fun, just not as.
Great remix.
A Kerning City would also be good!

Ah... memories.

This brings back so many memories. I used to play this game back when the only servers the game had were Scania and Bera. Had a level 96 Chief Bandit around 2003-2004 or so. Back then leveling was hard as hell, the game's just too different now, plus I was only a kid then.

Thank you for this. Brought back a lot of joyful memories. :3

TheDDJ responds:

But of course. I remember spending time smashing stuff on my page. Everyone criticized me. But more than anything, my page was where my childhood went. I remember countless hours spent at wild boars. I remember the first monster carnivals and making my first million mesos.

Good times.

You're welcome. If you're into hardstyle music, go ahead and check out my other songs. Maybe leave me some feedback there? I'm in the business of improvement, and if you have a taste for it, you can leave me some more input.

Thanks again for the nine, and I am glad you enjoyed it.

Wow, is AWESOME!

You are awesome, this remix reminded me me all my playtime in MS :D
GOOD TIMES xD, well i still playing, im cleric lvl 80 xD

TheDDJ responds:

I play every now and again. But I miss the good ol' days. I say they're trying to make the game too much like an imba World of Warcraft.

Hours upon hours.

Goddamned memories. Thanks for making me revisit those wasted hours.

TheDDJ responds:

But of course. I levelled a warrior in classic. We spent the most time of anybody here. Slimetree to bloody twenty, then to LotWB to grind until bloody 40. Ugh.

They made the game too easy now.


I think this deserves to get popular. I haven't played MapleStory, but I really like how this sounds. And for once a submission that says "8-bit Remix" actually SOUNDS 8-bit! Good job.

TheDDJ responds:

Wow! Thanks.

Maplestory was my childhood. And until you got to a decent level as anything but a Thief, you were at Slime Tree, grinding your face off. At least, that was before The Big Bang Patch came out and they totally butchered the starting zone and everything in it.

It was perfectly flawed, if you know what I mean. This patch fixed quite a few balance issues, but I miss the old game make up.

Anyways, thanks again, and if you enjoyed it, add it to your favorite audio, so that it appears in the side list of enjoyed of other songs you favorite. It'll direct more flow here, thanks to it getting 0 bombed.

-The DeeDeeJay

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May 21, 2011
6:05 AM EDT
Video Game
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