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Author Comments

Its in the same style as Last chapter thingy song.

Just tried to make it less repetive as that song..

Changed the bass line instrument and removed the first crash


To clear the rest of these reviews up...

It seems that the guys below me don't know what the hell they are talking about.

First of all, your song isn't anything close to Basshunter other than that he makes electronic music (and this song is obviously electronic).

Secondly, your buildups are fine. The high pitched noise could be fixed so it's not as obtrusive but it gets the point across.

Chord progressions are here nor there. Use whatever sounds good, because it's been used for. If you come across one that you say is "original," that just means it's not a proper chord progression. Man has improved on the knowledge of harmonic progression for well over 250 years now. Naturally, if we heard anything that sounded good, it's because we've already heard it in one form or another.

One of your main/high synths has a bit too much treble. Should be an easy fix with EQ 2. It's the pluck that comes in around 3:27 and goes until 4:08. Maybe it sounded good to you, but my headphones don't lie to me. haha

Some other suggestions:

- Drop your bass line down an octave. See how it sounds with the song. It might just be what your song needs so it sticks out yet stays grounded.

- Extend that end. It was great and all of a sudden it ended. I'd like to hear a bit more drawn-out version.

- Turn down your pluck hits in your intro a bit. By 10% maybe, but more than 5% for sure. Will help clean out your sound. You should know how I LOVE my clean sound...

- Turn down the attack on your intro-esque melody synth so it's not smooth. I think it would fit better into the overall song if you had it choppy at first....not TOO choppy, just more than what it is now (which is not at all).

What is good in this:

Your sounds. They all fit well. Especially the piano sound. Well done on that one.

The melody. Catchy and is remix-material for other producers. If made right, could be played in a club for all to enjoy.

Your overall song progression. You did a good job with making this interesting the whole way through so the listener isn't getting bored (I'm looking at you, NG AP user).

Percussion. Yes, it's simple. But you didn't mess it up. If you did I would be singing a different song here.

So. Overall great job with this man, such great improvement over the last stuff I heard you make. Keep working with songs and always put MORE time than what you SHOULD into them, that's the only way you'll improve over time. Believe me, people will seek to find your music if you keep working as hard as you have been.

I hope this review helps you with your song and pointing out the problems with a few of these other reviews here.


the beginning reminded me a little of basshunter. Anyway its a pretty dope track, but takes a lil too long to build at first, however the build at 2:00 is sickk. All in all, good job! 4/5

Adjeye responds:

Thank you:P

A few things...

1. Try to shorten your buildups and if you can't do that, try not to limit them to changes in your drums (in other words, focus more on building up your melody).

2. A lot of the synth sounds seem like straight out of the box presets. I know it sucks to make your own, but your song will sound all the much more you if you make your own sounds.

3. Use original chord progressions! Anyone can use the Am C F G chord progression. If can create a progression that is uniquely you, it will make your songwriting all the better.

Kind of an average song, so it gets an average rating.

As a side note, your rhythm was good and you had a good choice of tempo.

Adjeye responds:

Hmmm. but the chords aren't in a C F G progression, so....

hey bro

ur crash in the begining not so great definitely needs to be turned up. The bass line need somethin.... needs to be thicker or i dunno not so much reverb.... could potentionally be a good bass synth choice. really like your lead synth at 2 mins makes all your percussion sounds sound weak hahah. yea really cool lead synth ha lil hic up at 3:30. definitley a good chord progression. like the piano in the background. like when you start dopin the percussion at the end very cool. yea that synth is cool. can tell your taste in chord progression is getting better yea dude can see your improvement every track

Adjeye responds:

Yeah thanks! Thats because I 'Listen' to critism... Most of the NGers aren't doing that :P

It's pretty good o_o

Say what, I Loved it!

Adjeye responds:

Hey thanks!

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3.83 / 5.00

May 19, 2011
3:18 PM EDT
File Info
13.1 MB
5 min 43 sec

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